Has COVID put the kibosh on casual sex? It seems too many are wary of getting back on the horse.

For many the pandemic lockdown created thoughts that it may be too risky to be intimate with a willing participant. Perhaps time to take matters into our own hands.

With the state of uncertainty even life-long couples abstained from hanky-panky with a fear of the great unknown. Could we be fast-tracking the transmission?

So what is the up-side to all this? The powers that be advise us that the virus is here to stay, in one form or another. A mindset has to be implemented and new terms have evolved like ‘Sexual Wellness’ and a new culture of ‘DIY Pleasure’.

Sex Toys or Marital Aids have always been around, so what is the big deal? COVID has sent it skywards and is now a multi-billion dollar industry and only getting bigger. What was once sold out of Adult Stores in discrete brown paper bags can now be purchased online with the enticement of fancy modern advertising.

It is a fact that we are having less sex than in any other time in history. Yet couples would still have a healthy toolbox of devices - nothing new about that. But it is the individual at large that has the toy industry in a flutter. In the past the market was very much directed at females and the gay trade. Not so anymore. It’s on for young and old, everyman and his dog (maybe let’s not go that far).

So a wanking-we-will-go! Let’s avoid RSI and give Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters a rest and go where the good stuff is. If Naughty by Nature doesn’t stock that ‘tickle your fancy’ item it may not exist. They are at the forefront of just what you need to have for that mind-blowing, out of this world, explosion of the senses! Are the batteries included?

Fear not folks! Sex is not dead but has taken a different direction. In time the Swinging and BDSM scene will bounce back as it was and it may only be our attitudes that may differ from pre-pandemic times. In the meantime we will wait patiently for the postman to deliver a new toy. The gifts that keep on giving without the dating or regrets!

By Write@You .


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