You may think that Halloween is just for kids but that’s not the case at all. Adults can have fun on Halloween too. Just grab a group of friends, dress up and then let the games begin. The difference between Halloween for kids and Halloween for adults is that Halloween for adults normally involves alcohol and some sexy games. Here’s some ideas for how to make your next Halloween party a whole lot of fun.

Halloween murder mystery with sex acts

Everyone loves a good murder mystery and you don’t even need to wait for Halloween to play the game. All you need to get started is a murder story and guests who will be keen to play the game. You’ll also need the number of guests to equal the number of characters.

You can dress up in sexy lingerie or speedos and each time someone a character dies or the villain is caught they have to perform a sex act for one of the other guests.

Name the porn star

At the start of your party hand your guests a piece of paper with the name of a porn star, which they will wear on their back and then they have to guess who they are. The winner of the game will then choose the person who they want to perform a sex act for them.

Don’t say a certain word

While there are games where you can’t say “yes” or “no”, this game is different. If they say “sex” or “porn” then they have to perform a sex act for someone or have a sex act performed for them if they win.

Bobbing for the sex act of their choice

Just like the apple bobbing game, you can start with b bucket filled with sangria and instead of bobbing for apples you can have pieces of laminated paper and then you can bob for the piece of paper and whatever’s written on it - blow job, hand job, getting eaten out, strip tease etc, the person who bobs either does that sex act or has it done to them. You can make up the rules based on what you want.

Costume contest

Dress up in your sexiest outfit and hold a vote for different categories. If you really want to get the competition going then let your guests know ahead of time so they can really raise the sexiness stakes. Then have a fun prize such as a vibrator, lingerie or handcuffs. The only rule you should make is that they can’t vote for their own costume.

Circle of death

Instead of playing with regular cards, use our sex games cards. Each person will take a card from the centre and instead of picking a number and drinking that amount of shots, they will do whatever sex act the card says.

Sexy charades

Choose some sex themed charades such as your favourite pro film or favourite sex toy and then the other team has to act it out, for example anal beads, handcuffs or a vibrator or a sex act like blow job or sex positions such as doggy style.
By Libby Shaw


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