You may think that you’ve tried every sex position over the years with different partners or you think you know what feels good and have your ultimate position. Despite being satisfied with your sex life and the positions you use it never hurts to try something new in the bedroom. It can be a great way to add some spice to your relationship and by shifting gears you ensure you keep it fresh and don’t get bored.
We’ve narrowed it down and found a few sex positions that you must try with your partner.

Cowgirl position

Cowgirl is also referred to as women on top. Your partner just lies on their back and you sit on them with your knees bent facing them. You then lower yourself onto your partner and move up and down or back and forth until you and/or they reach orgasm.
Cowgirl is great because it promotes intimacy. You can maintain eye contact and really explore their body with your hands and they can explore your body as well. It offers both parties a visual experience and you can control the pace if your’e on top, which means you can control your orgasm.
To really add some spice to it just bring a vibrator into the mix. The best type of vibrator would be a bullet vibrator because it is small enough to be used for clitoral stimulation during penetration. You could also switch it up by having the person on top elevate their legs up over the partner’s shoulder. This is known as the Edge of Heaven sex position and it’s named that for a reason.


The missionary is an old favourite for a reason and while it may seem predictable it doesn’t have to be. You can add a pillow to prop up your lower back if you want a little more support. Missionary is great because it’s simple and you can be truly intimate with your partner. To make this position even hotter one, or both of you could be blindfolded. The blindfold will deprive you of your most dominant sense and that will heighten the other senses leading to more intense orgasms.

Kneeling lunge

Both partners simply perform lunges like they would if they were in a gym but they are both supporting each other with their bodies messed up against each other. This is a very intimate position where both partners embrace each other. With this position you need to have co-ordination and communication but if approached right this position can be incredibly erotic and satisfying. To make it even better you can add pillow for some extra support.

Intense eye contact

Your legs will be positioned over your partner’s legs and you will hold a gaze with your partner. This position is even better when you synchronise your breathing and sit on their lap and straddle them. It is best to approach this position slowly rather than being in a rush to reach orgasm. The slow pace makes it even more intense. The best part about this position is you can be intimate and have extended foreplay. To create an atmosphere you can light some candles or use sensual oils to massage each other. You don’t even need to have penetrative sex for this position to be satisfying.
By Libby Shaw


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