Getting wet during sex isn’t just about having sex in a pool, however or on the beach. Rather it’s about the vagina naturally lubricating itself to prepare for sex. Generally vaginas are a little bit wet however when you’re preparing for sex the vagina naturally lubricates itself, which makes sexual penetration whether it’s with a vibrator, dildo or penis much easier and more comfortable. The vagina secretes what’s known as arousal fluid when you are turned on.

What exactly is arousal fluid?

Arousal fluid is different to the regular fluid that is discharged from the vagina. This particular lubrication comes from the Bartholin’s glands, which sit on each side of your vaginal opening rather than the glands on your cervix’s walls. The Scene’s glands, which are near the urethra and can cause the elusive vaginal squirting, which is much like when a man ejaculates. Basically this fluid is created when blood rushes to your vagina causing your vulva to sweat, creating the extra moisture.

How do I get turned on?

That is such a difficult question because everyone is turned on by different things, however the best thing to do is to get turned on before starting any type of penetration. This can include kissing, dirty talk, teasing (such as a striptease without actually taking any of your lingerie off) or other forms of foreplay. All of these things will help with arousal and getting wet. Despite what you’d think, some people don’t create enough natural lubrication for vaginal penetration to feel good, which is why it’s sometimes necessary to use lubricant. Lube creates what the body naturally can’t. There are many different types of lubricant available and some lubricants shouldn’t be used with latex condoms because they can increase the risk of the condom tearing. If in doubt it’s best to use water-based lubricants. While they aren’t the slipperiest on the market, they are safest and can be used with all types of condoms and sex toys.

Sex toys are another way that you can get turned on. While you may not be turned on when you start playing around you could find that you get aroused very quickly simply by using a vibrator. A vibrator will send signals to each of your muscles and before you know it you’ll be wet enough for penetration.

If you don’t want to start with a vibrator then you and your partner could have a bath or shower together and you’ll become turned on simply by being naked together. This is what’s known as responsive desire which is where your body responds to the stimulus around it.
Another option is to schedule at least 60 minutes a week for a sex date. Regularly having sex will ensure that you keep the sex muscle alive and that you don’t fall into a rut many couples do of not having sex.
Half of what turns a lot of people on is not the sex act itself but the anticipation so this is why sending nude pictures or even videos of you playing with yourself could be a great idea. By the time your partner gets home they’ll be wild for you and you’ll be turned on thinking about that so you’ll undoubtedly rip each other’s clothes off as soon as they walk through the door.
By Libby Shaw


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