Over the last few decades people’s perceptions of what sex should be have changed with non-traditional sex becoming more common. Despite acceptance there is still a lot of sexual negativity, with some people on the internet shaming other people because of their sexual choices and preferences. So what exactly are some of the myths that have garnered a lot of negativity?



The bottom line is that everyone has their own sexual preferences. For some that includes sadism. Some people like to dominate others whereas others like to be dominated and surely if you can find a partner who satisfies your needs that’s the most important thing. Sadism isn’t necessarily unhealthy. It can actually be a way for people to explore their dominant or submissive side. Often those who are dominant in real life will be submissive in the bedroom and vice versa. It’s not necessarily harsh. When you have the right partner it can be enjoyable for both parties with a healthy dose of praise thrown into the mix alongside the dominance and spanking. Sadism allows people to explore parts of themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It can be a form of escapism, especially for those who’ve been brought up in strict conditions.

Role play


Sexuality should be enjoyed in all its forms and that includes in role play. Role play allows you to escape into a new character that can show parts of yourself that you don’t normally show. For example, if you don’t have a lot of authority in life you could be a sexy police officer or if you want to save the world you could be a nurse or a firefighter. We have plenty of costumes available whatever you want to be.
Sexual preferences are not linear and some people like to experiment all around the lines as Carrie said in the first Sex and the City movie.
Role play allows you to be someone completely different and you can experiment with masks as well. Masks give you the opportunity to be whoever you want to be in the bedroom and aren’t at all demeaning. They can actually help you become more open.

General kink


Kink doesn’t necessarily mean that you are selfish. Even though BDSM is associated with dominance and role play it can also be giving and considerate at the same time. You can play with different materials including leather or latex. Wearing different costumes is no different to someone wearing a suit in the office. It allows you to transform yourself into whoever you and your partner want you to be, in the same way that wearing costumes in the bedroom can give you a confidence that you didn’t previously have. In many situations, the kink community is exactly that, a community of acceptance and belonging where people embrace each other without judgement. That is something that you don’t necessarily get outside of the kinky community.
Kink relies a lot on consent, limits, boundaries and communication. Without any of these qualities it can’t survive so there’s actually a lot of trust and mateship. Anyone can join BDSM groups. You don’t have to look a certain way or meet a particular stereotype. It’s open to anyone.

The bottom line is that sex is a very personal thing and everyone has their preferences and should do what they are comfortable and excited by.

By Libby Shaw


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