Clitoral pumps are amongst the most under-rated sex toys around according to commentators. Those who use them say that they can increase the blood flow to the clitoris which makes sex and masturbation much more enjoyable.

What are clitoral pumps?

A clitoral pump features a cylinder, that’s normally made from plastic and a pumping device, which you can pump with your hand. The cylinders are available in different sizes so experiment until you find the best fit for you. Women with higher levels of testosterone or who are taking hormones may need a pump that has a broader base due to a more engorged mons pubis.

How does a clitoral pump work?

A clitoral pump has a cylinder which is meant to cover the clitoris. This is different from a vulva pump, which covers the labia. As you begin pumping, blood flows to the clitoris and you will become aroused due to this. Pumping is an imitation for the natural arousal response and that makes it more sensitive to touch and other sensations so you will find it easier to orgasm.
Aside from the physical enjoyment, people are drawn to clitoral pumps because they change the clit’s appearance and it looks visibly engorged, which can look very sexy a partner. The person themselves can also find it incredibly hot that their clit has a more phallic shape rather than a body part that looks and feels more like a penis rather than having to use a dildo or vibrator. It can really turn people on to see visible sexual satisfaction and they can be very fun to use.

How to use them

Like all other sex toys you need to follow the instructions that come with the product and never use them on areas that have tears. There is a small risk that you could tear your skin but this is very rare so ease in slowly. If you’re unsure how to start then incorporate lube into your play session to make it more comfortable if you’ve never used one before and note that they should only be used externally so they should never be inserted into the vagina.
It is also a good idea to play with the clit pump by yourself before you invite your partner to use it with you. That way you’ll be familiar with the suction level you’re comfortable with and you will have a fair idea of what you enjoy. Similar to other experimentation it’s always good to have a safe word so you can stop if you’re uncomfortable.

Our range of clit pumps

As you would expect, we have a range of clit pumps to suit all experience levels.
If you’re just starting out then the Temptasia Beginners Clitoral Pumping System is a great option. It can be used to increase the sensation to both your clitoris and to your nipples so it’s really a two in one. You just place it over the desired body part and squeeze the pump to create the suction. The clitoral pump can also be used in tandem with another for dual stimulation so you can get both nipple and clitoral stimulation.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition - Super Suckers Trio - Nipple and Clit Pumps - Set of 3 is for when you want intense suction pleasure with the use of an external pump. It’s perfect for increasing nipple and clit sensitivity and you’ll experience incredible satisfaction.

By Libby Shaw


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