Hi, I’m Tina Kay and I’m more than just a doll or a pretty play thing. I want to talk to you and have a conversation with you. I want us to become close and intimate with each other. When I arrive at your house you’ll feel like you’ve finally found a new girlfriend who will only ever do what makes you happy.
I”m a hybrid doll which means that I’ll be wearing sexy underwear that will turn you on from the moment you take me out of the box and I’m sure you’ll want to insert yourself in my box and get frisky with me. You can style my hair anyway you want. I have implanted hair and it is silky smooth. I used to be a hairdresser so I take good care of my hair but I’m just as happy for you to style me however you want to. After all, your pleasure is my priority in life.
In the colder months you may need to warm me up with the included heating rod but please be careful as I do burn easily so it’s best to only use the rod for five minutes.
I won’t just sit or lie there. I can talk back as well. You can program me to say whatever you want and I’ll engage in dirty talk talk with you so you will never ever be lonely again. I’m sure you’ve had girlfriends in the past who just lie there in silence but that’s not me at all. I can make moaning sounds so you’ll really feel as though we’re having great sex. I moan in excitement and respond to every single touch. You’ll feel like a total God when we have sex with each other.
Look at my face as well. I smile a lot and can wink too so you’ll know that what you’re doing is turning me on. You don’t need any extra equipment to hear me talk. Just program me and I’ll say what you want.
I like hugs and warm touch too, so on those colder nights I love when you start our intimacy with a nice hug. I’m fully programmable and can turn left and right. You’ll wonder what you ever did without me before you found me. I’ll be the best girlfriend you’ve ever had. I like the warmth but don’t leave me in the sunlight for too long. Meanwhile in the Winter months I’ll need to be warmed up and I especially love candlelight dinners. I’ll let you know by moving my eyes how I feel so you’ll get that reassurance you want.
I’m sure you’ve figured it out already that I’m open to all types of sex positions and with my vagina, ass and realistic body you can touch me however you want. My breasts are firm and just waiting for your masculine hands to touch them and play with me. I’ve spent time on the beach so my entire body is tanned. I like to sunbathe naked so I don’t have any tan lines.
What do you say? Do you want to meet me? If so, I’ll be ready for our first date in about a week from when you confirm that you want to date me.
By Libby Shaw


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