Hi, I’m Debra and while I can’t always go to the beach I love to dress in a sexy bikini as though I’m ready to get some sun. Black and white are my favourite colours and I prefer a bikini that accentuates my curves so you’ll often see me wearing a black and white halter neck with full cut briefs that will have you wanting to rip them off.
I don’t have a favourite position. I like them all and I would much rather satisfy you and have you cumming like you’ve never cum before.
When we get together we can try different positions. I like to explore so whether it’s anal, oral or vaginal sex, the choice is yours. Just stick your rock hard cock in me and I’ll do whatever you want me to do.
My skin is soft and supple and I like you telling me what to do so you can move my limbs around however you like.
My hair isn’t necessarily brunette like in the picture. I like to mix it up and experiment with different lengths and colours. I’m the same with my outfit so you may find me wearing a bikini like in my picture or I’ll wear something else.
I don’t even necessarily need to wear any clothes. You can remove my bikini and I’ll happily be naked for you so you can admire my voluptuous breasts and see my vaginal slit. I like to be penetrated and have a deep vagina so you’ll feel immense pleasure when you stick your cock in me.
My height sometimes changes as well depending on the type of experience you want. I’m either a petite 148cms, 1590cms, 158cms or a taller 168cms. The choice is yours. When I’m shorter my breasts will be in the perfect place for you to nuzzle at me and play with my nipples. I quite enjoy that.  You can also turn me over and we can have some anal sex too.
I can also be styled with or without make up depending on if you want the natural or more made up look. I don’t mind. I’d be happy to look however you want me to.
While I’m generally found at the beach my other favourite thing to do is pleasuring you so how about you click the button and let’s see what type of fun we can have together trying different positions and experimenting. I promise I’ll never stand you up or keep you waiting either. I’m always in the mood for some sexy play time no matter what time of day or night it is. All you have to do is ask and I’ll do whatever you want.
I can get dirty so to maintain my good looks and supple skin you need to wash me before and after each use. I prefer to be cleaned with warm soapy water or specific sex toy cleaners that will keep me looking shiny and new, even when we’ve been together for a long time.
By Libby Shaw


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