As anyone who has used sex toys for any amount of time will know, there are differences between them. You can get dildos and vibrators, but which is best?

What are the similarities?

The major similarities that vibrators and dildos share is that are are both designed and modelled on a cock, but they’re two entirely different toys.

What are the differences?

The major difference is that a vibrator does exactly that, it vibrates, whereas a dildo doesn’t. Dildos are shaped like a penis and can be made from silicone, glass, plastic, latex and even crystal. A dildo is generally just used for insertion meanwhile a vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris, g spot and prostate so both genders can enjoy vibrators.

What types of vibrators can you get?

There are so many different types of vibrators including the rabbit vibrator which first gained popularity in the 1990s TV show, Sex and the City. As the name suggest it basically has rabbit ears that are designed to stimulate the clitoris, which can be quite addictive as we saw with Charlotte on the TV show. Unlike the rabbit vibrators of the 90s, they now come with new features and you can train your pelvic floor. Some of them even record the length of your orgasm and how you achieved it so you know exactly what works and can replicate it in the future.
Clitoral vibrators are great for anyone who doesn’t climax from penetration alone as you can target the g spot or p spot. The use of a clitoral vibrator increases the likelihood that you will climax significantly and you will enjoy a more intense orgasm. Clitoral vibrators are ideal if your focus is solely on climaxing. As with all vibrators you can choose the speed and rhythm, giving you total control over your orgasm.
Massage wands are shaped much like a microphone and have also been used to massage the neck, although most of us are aware that they’re actually wand vibrators. Wand vibrators can satisfy all bodies due to their wide head and longer handle. You can therefore position it in a range of hard to reach places, which can feel incredibly satisfying and get you off in ways that other vibrators can’t.
Bullet vibrators are small and discreet sex toys that are shaped like a bullet. They are easy to travel with and can be carried in your bag. They are designed for targeted stimulation and despite their small size they are extremely powerful. They get the job done and you can even take them with you as you’re going about your everyday business. Accessories can transform them, so you can use them for dual sensation.
When you’re going on a date night, wearable vibrators will help build suspense. You and your partner can wear them. Wearable vibrators can also be used individually. They are sensitive to touch and can be integrated into what you are already doing.
Suction vibrators are different to others because unlike the standard rumbling variations, they mimic the oral sex sensation so you can explore penetration and suction all in one, either alone or with a partner.
G spot vibrators specifically target the g spot and is great for those who want to explore.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have a huge selection of vibrators.

By Libby Shaw


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