Wearing lingerie is the bedroom equivalent of putting on some gym gear. It automatically gets you in the mood. When you put on your gym gear you’re more likely to go to the gym than if you were just wearing your regular clothes. Wearing sexy lingerie has a similar effect because it is visually stimulating and when you wear it you will feel sexy and more in the mood for sex. That will improve your sex life.
While some women have written into publications worried that their partner only wants to have sex when they dress up, they shouldn’t be worried because no offence is intended. It’s just that men are more visual creatures than women so when they see you in your sexy lingerie it’s easier for them to get into the headspace where they want to have sex.

Sexy lingerie isn’t just designed for your appearance. Contrary to popular belief and what the media portrays it isn’t just for show. It can also be used for building intimacy. Wearing sexy lingerie can allow and your partner to explore your relationship in ways you hadn’t previously considered. For example, if you’re normally shy and reserved then you can play a confident police officer where you can take control and dominate your partner. If, on the other hand you’re strong and resilient in real life then you can play a submissive school girl who must succumb to her partner’s demands.
Taking on these different roles can make you feel more confident provided you wear something that makes you feel sexy. Men are turned on by confidence and naturally if you look the part then you’ll feel the part and that will improve your sex life.
You can get creative beyond just playing a sexy police officer. It could be your first day on the job and your shift is about to end so you need to make an arrest or you’ll get in trouble with your boss. To really shift the dynamic you could make your partner your boss, or you could both dress up in police officer uniforms. The thing with lingerie is that it’s limitless.
Dressing up can extend beyond lingerie. You could dress up as your favourite TV or movie character and then act out a scene that you’ve always wanted to try. If you’re really feeling adventurous then you could film it and watch it back - if you’re comfortable doing so.
When you’re wearing sexy lingerie you can prolong foreplay by dancing for your partner, modelling different outfits or giving them a lap dance. Another alternative is to take some photos and send them to your partner while you’re in the bathroom on a dinner date. They’ll go crazy and by the time your dinner date is finished they’ll have already undressed you in their imagination. And that’s really the point of lingerie. It allows you to tease and be teased by your partner. It gives you both something to look forward to and helps you escape the ordinary.
While you’re wearing sexy lingerie you could play strip poker. This can be something that you enjoy with just your partner or you could make it a group thing if you’re interested in swingers parties.
By Libby Shaw


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