Despite some people being worried that sex toys will inhibit your sex life they can actually have the opposite effect. Yes, you read that right. Sex toys can improve your sex life. Although sex toys were typically only found in obscure sex shops and hidden away from view a couple of decades ago the times have changed and now the use of sex toys is mainstream. Sex toys were famously popularised in the hit 90s show, Sex and the City when the girls bought Charlotte a rabbit vibrator and when Miranda defended her right to have a vibrator in her night stand drawer to plug the gap between relationships or sexual rendezvous. These days most women own at least one sex toy that they use when they’re between relationships or when they, or their partner are away on a business trip and they help fill that void.

So why use sex toys?


The short answer is that sex toys feel incredible. Aside from the pleasure, they also have health benefits. Constant use of a sex toy improves blood circulation and releases oxytocin and other feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.
Sex toys can also help women increase the strength of their marginal muscles and the fluid secretion is essential for women who have dry vaginas. It can reduce the risk of infection.
As we’ve all read over the last few decades, some women struggle to reach orgasm through penetration alone so their partner needs to make an extra step. That’s where sex toys come into the picture. They can give direct clitoral stimulation which can help women reach orgasm faster.
It’s not just women who benefit from sex toys. Men benefit as well. As men get older the rate of erectile dysfunction increases but with toys like penis pumps, men can help maintain an erection for longer. That helps them have a more fulfilling sex life, which in turn improves their relationship because intimacy is being maintained. Sex toys can be used by couples who can’t have penetrative sex, which as mentioned, helps them maintain intimacy in the relationship.

Despite all the benefits, can sex toys ruin your sex life?


No. They definitely won’t ruin your sex life. They are intended to increase pleasure and make it easier to orgasm but they are not a substitute for human touch. Traditional intercourse still requires two people. Sex toys can be used to spice up your sex life or when you have periods between relationships or sexual partners.


Sex toys can help couples who have been together for several years and become stuck in a routine where sex is the same every single time. Introducing sex toys will allow couples to experiment and that will freshen up the sex. Some older women are hesitant to approach the subject of sex toys but there’s no reason to be hesitant. You can start off with a simple toy and then as you become more comfortable you can introduce other toys like paddles, handcuffs etc.


Introducing sex toys has never been easier given how open people are with their sex lives these days. You can either approach the topic with some dirty talk while you’re doing the deed or wait for the right time to have a discussion about the potential for introducing sex toys into your life. A simple starter to the conversation is to ask your partner if they’d ever consider using sex toys and gauge their reaction
By Libby Shaw


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