Sex toys are available in a variety of different materials. Some are made from rubber, silicone and others are constructed out of glass. Every type of sex toys comes with its own unique set of requirements for looking after them. Glass toys are very easy to clean and you can be assured that they are non-porous and lightweight, but due to being made from glass you need to look after them a certain way.

Despite not hearing much about sex toys, let’s cut straight to the chase. Although they are made from glass, which can be fragile, they are not going to break inside of you. They are not made from lightweight glass. They are made out of a special type of glass specifically designed for sex toys. As with all other types of sex toys they are also tested before hitting the market so you don’t have to worry about anything, although you should exercise the same level of care that you would with other toys. If you want a superior type of sex toy then glass is the way to go and it definitely feels more luxurious than other types of sex toys. They look so fancy you could even store them with your other glassware if you really wanted to, not that you would, but if you did the option would be there.

What are the benefits of glass for sex toys?

Glass sex toys have so many good qualities. They are non-toxic, non-porous and that makes them very easy to clean. Despite what you may initially think, they are durable and long lasting and can be visually appealing as an ornament for when you aren’t using them. Glass responds to the temperature so when it’s hot they’ll warm up easily and when it’s cold they’ll do the reverse which means you don’t need to worry about using warm water to alter the temperature because it happens naturally.

Unlike other sex toys that you may need to throw out when you’ve finished with them, glass sex toys are good for the environment and you can recycle them.


Glass has a light-weight and luxurious feel so you’ll feel like you’re part of an exclusive club.


What types of glass toys you can get?

We have a huge range of glass toys. The most common glass toys we stock are butt plugs and dildos. They are all clear. Our Glass Romance 5 Clear 7 inch dildo is packed in a luxurious gift box for safe storage and ribbed for a life-like experience.

We have a variety of glass butt plugs including the Glass Buttplug Pink, which is pink glass. The glass butt plug is specifically designed for users who want a quality sex toy that will last a long time. The butt plug has a diameter of 4.3cms and is very safe to use with any type of lubricant. Afterwards it is easy to clean with toy cleaner and water. It can also be heated or cooled before use. All you have to do is choose the water temperature and place the butt plug in it and it will be ready in a few minutes.

By Libby Shaw


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