Female masturbation is a great way to relieve sexual tension. Masturbation offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits that can be accessed by learning and appreciating the things that bring us pleasure.


Exploring what feels good to you means allowing yourself to enjoy a range of feelings and sensations. Read on for some tips and tricks to expand your masturbation horizons.

Getting to know your anatomy

Women have tremendous potential to orgasm in any number of ways, from the clitoris, “G-spot,” cervix, and even the nipples. There is even some orgasm through breath work that uses chakras (a little more complex). 


The female capacity for pleasure is amazing, and with a little exploration, you can highlight the range of what’s possible. Always respect yourself (and others), and experience pleasure and orgasm in a number of ways.

Pleasuring the cervix and anus

The cervix can be an enormous source of pleasure, especially when it is stimulated by deep vaginal penetration. When you are aroused, it can result in extremely powerful orgasms that ripple throughout your entire body.


Many women also find the anal region to be a hot spot for pleasure. By touching, rubbing, and inserting toys, some women can experience anal orgasms.

Orgasms and their areas

Pleasure and orgasms will feel different around your body as different areas are connected to different nerves for various sensations. The clitoris connects to the pudendal nerve, whereas the vagina and anus are connected to the pelvic nerve.


Clitoral orgasms are felt primarily in the clitoris, but vaginal orgasms are usually felt much deeper and throughout the body. Cervical orgasms are very powerful rippling throughout the entire body. We recommend including the clitoris when stimulating the vagina or cervix for more enjoyment.


The more areas you stimulate at once, the greater sexual satisfaction you will experience. The goal should be to play around, discover things, and enjoy what feels good. This may also change over time or can be affected by stress, emotions, and life events. 

Explore with a little help

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By Tammie Paine


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