Sex parties are a fun event where you get to experiment and try out new things with your friends or strangers. Similar to how you have a checklist of items that you take with you when you leave the house, such as your wallet, keys and phone there are items that you should make sure you have when you’re doing to a sex party to make for a more enjoyable experience. While the host will provide some of these items, you should be prepared just in case they don’t have them on hand.

A little black book

The most important thing to take is a little black book because if you meet anyone you click with you’ll want to ensure that you have a way to contact them again in the future. The little black book can be a useful tool if you plan to host some of your own sex parties or simply want to get it on with people you meet while you’re out.

Waterproof sheets or mattress protectors

While you probably know the people that you’ve invited to your sex party there is still the risk that your furniture could get damaged so if you’re worried about that, get some waterproof sheets. The waterproof sheets will help protect your furniture and you won’t have to worry about any damage. Towels or sofa covers will also do the job.

Set our clear boundaries in relation to drugs or other substances

 Everyone has substances that they’re comfortable with and those that they aren’t. Make it known to your guests what your rules are. Leet them know what substances are permitted and what aren’t. While most parties will have alcohol and some other substances, there may be guests that aren’t as open to drugs, so check with everyone attending the party before you hold it.


Ask your guests what their boundaries are

Some of your guests have probably attended sex parties in the past whereas for others it may be their first time, so find out what each person is and isn’t comfortable with. If you’re inviting a couple then be aware that one of the guests may have been to a sex party and another may not have.

Ensure your guests respect the space

As mentioned, there’s probably going to be alcohol or other substances at the sex party so you can assume that at least one person will get too drunk and have to leave the party early. It’s your space so if at any time you feel uncomfortable you can ask them to leave and order them a taxi or Uber home. If you need to hire a professional cleaner after the party then ask your guests to chip in towards the cost of a professional cleaner or ask them to help with the clean up.

Keep all of your valuables hidden

While you may think you can trust your guests you may not be able to so hide everything that’s valuable to you. That doesn’t just include expensive items. That could also include anything that has sentimental value or can easily be destroyed.

 Make it as tame or as wild as you want

Sex parties can be wild or they can be tame. You can have a theme or you can just have sex games and make sure that everyone is dressed up. The choice is yours as to how you hold the sex party. There are no rules so you can make it whatever you want.

By Libby Shaw


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