While all sex toys come with an included outfit you may want to add your own personal touch and style it yourself. It’s likely that you’ll feel like something is missing when you buy it. Even though modern sex dolls look extremely life like everyone has a type in real life and you may want your sex doll to reflect that. For this reason you may choose to add a wig or a particular dress style which can add to the physical appeal.

Some sex doll users may want their sex doll to wear sexy lingerie whereas others want her or him to be more covered up. It’s all up to you and we’ve put together a guide of how to style your sex doll to make it even more appealing to your personal taste.

Start with the hair

Some men and women love short hair whereas others like long hair or vice versa. Then there are hair colour preferences. To personalise your sex doll you can alter the hair colour by purchasing a sex doll wig. We have plenty of wigs in a range of styles from short bobs to long wavy hair or straight locks. Most of our wigs are varying shades of brown or blonde, however we do have the Missy Wig Red for anyone who loves a woman with a red wig. A new wig can give you a completely different experience. You may even wish to alternate wigs so you feel like you’re with a different women every night.

Choose what she wears

It’s been said that everyone loves playing with dolls and dressing them up. Some people like a woman with skimpy clothes and we have several pieces of sexy lingerie that will have you wanting more. You can also opt for some of our kinkier outfits like a nurse’s or police officer’s uniform. Before you choose the sex doll clothing check the sizing so that you know it will fit the doll. Other outfits you may wish to dress your sex doll up in include the following:
Bodycon dress - A body con dress could be paired with bright panties and will look amazing against the texture of the doll.
Sexy lingerie - Everyone loves a woman in lingerie. There’s the mystery and anticipation. We have a selection of skimpy underwear in a variety of colours and cuts so you can choose your favourite. Some lingerie even glows in the dark so even when it’s pitch black you can admire her beautiful body.

Skimpy clothing - Amongst our sexy costumes are skimpy skirts that leave little to the imagination which is ideal when you’re in the mood for a quickie and want it all on display. Skimpy clothing is great for role play like doctors and nurses, school girl and teacher, police officer or sexy waitress. These outfits include skirts and shirts. Often these skirts are very short so you can get down to business quickly, meanwhile our shirts are low cut so you’ll be able to gawk at her delicious breasts.

The cool thing about these outfits is you can experiment to find out what you like best and then settle on your favourite, or keep mixing it up based on your mood.
By Libby Shaw


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