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Everyone’s biggest fear when they get into a long term relationship is that their sex life will become boring and predictable and that there won’t be any mystery left. To keep the spark alive we’ve devised a list of ways that you can surprise your partner in bed and you never know. They may just surprise you in return.

Plan to spend the whole day in bed

Aside from people loving their beds because you get to sleep, you can also have sex and build intimacy which can be very relaxing. If you’re planning to spend the entire day in bed make sure that your partner doesn’t have anything else planned that they. Ensure you have the essentials such as all the sex toys, food, accessories and music you’ll need. It may sound obvious but ensure you’ve showered before spending the day in bed as well because you’re likely to get very hot and sweaty if it all goes to plan.

Assign them sexual tasks/activities

Sometimes for birthdays or Christmas, couples will exchange gift cards. Even if it isn’t Christmas time or their birthday you can assign them random sexual activities. These could include texting them and asking for their top five places they’d like to have sex, the top ten places they want to be kissed, getting them to write a full fantasy of what they want you to do or their most memorable sexual experience for them.

Dress up for no reason

Men are visual creatures so when you dress up you’re going to turn him on and he’ll be in the mood for some action. You can dress up and serve him a special dinner or if you’re a man then dress up in a sexy uniform and serve her a delicious meal with you on the side.

Switch it up

Just like wearing vibrating underwear can get you in the mood at the most random times, it can also turn your partner on if you flash them when they least expect it. The sheer randomness of the gesture will get them hot and heavy and ready to take you. If they work from home then when they’re on a work phone call you could enter the room wearing sexy underwear or nothing at all, meanwhile they’ll have to remain composed which will build the passion and excitement for when the time is right for them to take you.

Play with them in random places

While you’re out at a fancy restaurant, let your foot slide up their trousers and start massing them in secret places. They’ll be surprised and turned on all at once which will ensure you’re both in the mood for some action when you get home.

Take on a different role

Pretend to be someone else. The longer you and your partner stay in character the better it will be for both of you. To really increase the excitement make the character completely different from who you normally are so that you’ll feel less inhibited and so that you can really experiment with different positions and scenarios.

Surprise them by waking them up

Everyone loves sex when they first wake up, so rather than waiting to have sex just before you go to bed, surprise them by waking them up with some stroking and playing. The surprise is sure to excite them.
By Libby Shaw


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