Travelling can be difficult for a number of reasons. You have to consider what you’re going to take in your carry on luggage and what you will take on board. There are a whole other set of rules to consider when you’re travelling with sex toys.


Where can’t I take my sex toys?

Rather than listing all the places you can travel with sex toys, it’s easier to just rattle off the places that you can’t take sex toys to. While the US is supposed to be a fairly liberal country there are some states that you won’t be able to buy sex toys from. The state of Alabama is one such place. You can however take them with you when you travel though.
Thailand is another place that you can’t buy sex toys from, however they are even stricter with you not being permitted to bring them in either.
If you try to take sex toys to Vietnam then you could find yourself getting arrested. IT’s the same with Malaysia however their rules go even further again. You’re not allowed any objectionable books, brochures, drawings or paintings and you’ll face imprisonment if you take them in with you.
India, the Maldives and United Arab Emirates are similar with sex toys and pornographic material being banned as well.
So now you know where you can’t travel with your sex toys, you can plan how to travel to the places that you are allowed to take them.

What to do when travelling with a vibrator

In Australia there are no rules related to sex toys however there are rules and regulations around carrying batteries, so if you have a battery operated vibrator or other device, you’ll need to remove the battery before travelling. If the vibrator is in your checked baggage then ensure you’ve switched it off first and stowed away in a protective bag so that the other items you’re travelling with aren’t damaged.
The good news is that a lot of sex toys now feature a travel lock so they won’t be turned on by accident when travelling. That will help you avoid the embarrassment of being called down to the counter and having to explain you’re travelling with a sex toy.

How to be discrete

It’s quite easy to be discrete if you travel with a small sex toy like a bullet vibrator or something equally small that won’t draw attention. If the bullet is packed in your checked baggage then placing it in a clear bag is your best option because then if the airport staff have to check it, they won’t have to open your bag which will help you maintain its good hygiene.
All of these things said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with travelling with sex toys, especially if you’re visiting a place that is fairly open or tolerant when it comes to sex. If the airport staff do ask you what’s in your baggage then just be upfront about it as sex is perfectly normal, especially in this day and age. Assuming you’re travelling to a place where sex toys are permitted you won’t have to worry about the toys being confiscated.
By Libby Shaw


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