There are so many different sex toys and accessories that you may be lost as to how to use them and where to begin. Let’s start with blindfolds. Blindfolds are very popular but despite their popularity they are still under-rated and often forgotten.

The idea behind blindfolds is that when you deprive one of your senses the others are heightened and that can make using them during sex even more enjoyable. When your eyes are covered with a blindfold you have absolutely no idea what will happen and so there is a lot more anticipation than when you have your regular eye sight.

To help you get started we’ve come up with the ten most creative ways to use blindfolds to add some more excitement into your sex life.

Blindfold your partner while they’re in a different room

Imagine your partner blindfolding you in unfamiliar territory. Instead of having sex in the bedroom take it somewhere else. The sky’s the limit. Being blindfolded in a different space can really up the ante and you’ll wonder where to sit or where to stand. Communication is always key when you’re in unfamiliar territory.

Blindfold each other during mutual masturbation

When you aren’t being watched and can’t see what’s around you, you will lose inhibitions and explore in ways that you wouldn’t otherwise. All you can do is listen to the sound of each other’s voice. It’s much like phone sex because you only have hearing and touch to react to.

Feed the blindfolded partner

Some couples love to bring food into the equation when they’re engaged in sexual activities. You can try different foods like chocolate, strawberries or sushi. You could even make it a game where you try to guess what the other person is feeding you and if they get it right then you have to do something for them such as going down on them, or whatever else turns them on.

Go down on your partner while they’re blindfolded

Most people love when someone goes down on them, but imagine if they couldn’t see what you were doing. They would simply be at your mercy and lie back and enjoy. You can start off slowly to let the anticipation build. As the anticipation builds you can then make your way further and further down.

Use a blindfold as a restraint

Blindfolds can be used as a restraint depending on their style. The blindfold can double as handcuffs depending on what it’s made out of. If you’re both happy with it then you can use it to slowly introduce BDSM into the bedroom.

Introduce different temperatures

Temperatures can act as a stimulant. Use wax candles or wax based oil and drip it all over your partner’s body while it’s hot and then give them a massage. Cold temperatures can also have the same effect so use an ice cube on their body. If ice is too intense then turn it down a notch and try a cold piece of fruit or lube that’s been slightly chilled.

Add earplugs

When you wear a blindfold your remaining senses are heightened. You have the opportunity to build even more excitement by taking out another sense. You could wear earplugs to increase the effect of physical touch while you’re blindfolded. As always, communication is vital, so when you can’t see it’s best to come up with a hand gesture if you’re ever uncomfortable.

By Libby Shaw


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