Think about massage candles as being like a friend with benefits. Candles are amazing on their own but when you add aromas into the equation they’re even better. Massage candles normally include a variety of oils that are sensual and will help boost your sexual mood during foreplay. You may still be slightly confused about how to use massage candles in the sack, so here’s some tips we’ve come up with to give you a head start.
The really cool thing about massage candles is that if you’ve never ventured into the space of sex toys they’re actually a really good place to start and they can set the mood. Nobody loves anything more than a massage to relieve the tension after a busy day at work. Massage candles can also help remind you that when there is an overwhelming amount of sex toys, it can be nice to get back to basics with some massage candles.

What exactly is a massage candle?

Massage candles are made out of oils that melt at a low temperature so you can use the melted oil on your skin because it’s not as hot as regular ax. You just need to light the wick and the heat will melt the hard candle into oil that is safe for the skin. Massage candles have been specifically designed with aromas that are sure to get you into the mood. They are intended to create a warm, intimate and welcoming environment.

How do you use them?

Start by lighting the candle and give it some time to allow it to melt. Then blow it out before you use the oil. You can either pour the melted oil onto a plate or dip you fingers into the candle. Make sure your fingers are clean because otherwise the oil will get riddled with microbes. It should go without saying but don’t place the candle anywhere near materials that could easily burn like blankets or curtains. A good place to put it is on your bedside table. The best place is now where you can continue with your foreplay as the room is filled with a sensual aroma and lighting. If you really want to up the ante you can add a blindfold to heighten your sense of smell and remove your vision.

Why do they work?

Massage candles work because they help you relax, which puts you in the mood for intimacy and arousal. Warm oil adds another level of enjoyment. The reason for this is that the skin is a sensual organ. To enhance the experience you can research different massage techniques. This will be especially helpful if you’ve never given a massage before.

What is the best way to use candles?

Simply using massage candles rather than other candles is a good idea because although they burn, the temperature is much lower so you don’t have to worry about your skin getting burned. They should still be treated with caution and you should exercise the same care that you would with other candles.
We have a huge range of candles from singular massage candles through to packs that include multiple candles. If you’re unsure what candles your partner would like, send them a message to gauge their interest.
By Libby Shaw


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