We’ve all heard of vibrators, dildos and vibrating cock rings but you may not have heard of vibrating panties so we’ve put together a guide so you can make your next date night extra tantalising and fun. I know that when I first used them it was in a crowded restaurant and only my boyfriend and I knew what was going on. Nobody else did. That mystery made our date very exciting. Another time we went to a theme park and it wasn’t the rides that were getting us excited.

So what exactly are remote control vibrating panties?

Basically it’s very simple. They’re normal panties that have a small pocket where you place a vibrator and then a remote control turns the vibrator on and off. Sometimes the remote is disguised as a ring. Now how cool is that to think that you can just look as though you’re going about your everyday business but in reality you’re engaged in foreplay with your partner?!

Where can you wear them?

You can wear vibrating underwear in the privacy of your own home or while you’re out and about and it will be your little secret. They are the ultimate in discrete lingerie and always ready to bring you to orgasm. Sometimes they can be used at bachelor parties as well. It’s really up to you whether you use them everyday or save them for special occasions.

How do they work?

Vibrating panties can be operated from a distance and just like regular vibrators they have different speed and mode options so you can choose the right intensity for you. Some can be controlled via mobile apps whereas others have a small remote. It’s best if you’re five to ten metres from the person wearing the panties. The best vibrating panties come with a rechargeable battery so you’ll never have to worry about changing batteries in the middle of foreplay. There is nothing worse than being on the brink of orgasm and then having the moment ruined by having to charge the vibrator.

Who should wear them?

Anyone can wear vibrating panties. Anyone who wants to engage in some discreet stimulation while they’re out and about rather than waiting until they get home. If you’ve ever found the mood strike while you’re out and wished you could do something about it then vibrating panties are for you. While they’re perfect for couples they are also suitable for anyone who is single and ready to get sexually satisfied. They can also help people who struggle to reach orgasm because they have the ability to stimulate sensitive areas and increase pleasure.
Vibrating underwear is very comfortable to wear however it may take time to get used to the sensation so before you buy a pair check that you’ve got the correct size and style. They’re available in all variations including full briefs, shorts and thongs. They have a small motor so you won’t have to worry about anyone hearing you while you’re out and about. It will just be your little secret. As with all other underwear you should wash them after every use.
By Libby Shaw


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