Valentine’s Day is just over two weeks ago and that’s an opportunity for couples to have some X-rated Valentine’s Day. While boxes of chocolate and flowers are nice, having hot sex can also be an excellent way to let your partner know how much you care about, and appreciate them.
Being in a relationship means you get regular sex, but it also means that you may have fallen into a bit of a rut. We find out what we like and then we stick with it, which could mean choosing to have regular quickies. Sex doesn’t have to be the same every time you have it. You can mix it up and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Even when sex is planned it can still be exciting and the anticipation of knowing that it’s coming can be just as thrilling as spontaneous sex. We’ve come up with some ideas to make this year’s Valentine’s Day exciting.

Experiment with different positions

Trying new positions can help prolong sex, so in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day research all the different sex positions there are and then make a list of the ones that you want to try. Then when it comes to Valentine’s Day you can choose the top five that you want to try. That’s a lot of sex. The sexual tension will build so much in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day that you’ll barely be able to contain yourself.

Browse our lingerie section together

Browse our lingerie section together and then put on a fashion show when the lingerie arrives. Pick two or three of your favourite outfits or even pick seven for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Another option is to browse the ranger together and then surprise your partner by wearing your new lingerie to a Valentine’s Day dinner or sending them pictures during the day when you’re at work. When you’re together, rather than stripping down, build the suspense and excitement by keeping your lingerie on during foreplay. Just pull a bra strap down or move your panties to the side. It will get any man so hard he won’t be able to contain himself.

Try something you’ve never done before

It’s very easy to get comfortable with sex positions but leading up to Valentine’s Day it could be fun to try some new things such as a sexy version of “I have never” where you say a sex position and if you’ve never done it then you have to try it. You could also try bondage if you’ve never done that before. We have a range of bondage toys that are ideal whether you’re a beginner or more experienced with bondage. Our range includes everything from paddles to handcuffs and nipple clamps.

Have a staycation

If you’re planning a sex marathon for Valentine’s Day stay in. While it might be tempting to go away to a nice hotel, it could be just as nice to stay at home where all you do is have sex. Switch your mobiles off and just be with your partner without interruptions. After the weekend You’ll be left feeling so satisfied in more than one way and it’s the perfect opportunity to have multiple orgasms.
By Libby Shaw


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