We’d like to introduce you to Kiara. Kiara’s is a real beauty who loves wearing her hair in a side pony tail with big gold hoop earrings. She’s quite upbeat and keen to help you cum like you’ve never cum before.

When you first bring her home you’ll notice that she’s wearing sexy panties with sexy lingerie. She definitely likes the summer time more than any other part of the year and she takes care of her appearance.

She comes in different heights with the options being 148cms, 152cms, 158cms and 168cms so whatever your tastes are she’s the girl for you.
She’s quite open to what you like whether you’d like her to have her hair in a pony tail or worn down. You can also choose her hair colour so if you would prefer she was blonde that’s entirely up to you.
You’ll have no trouble taking her to bed and getting intimate with her as she’s quite a light girl at 31 to 38 kilos, with a slender waist.
She’s got quite a deep vagina at 18cms and she can also deep throat you if that’s what you like. Her oral depth is 13cms so you’ll feel amazing after she sucks you off.
While you can’t take her to the beach she doesn’t mind being taken outside in your backyard or the privacy of your balcony. She’s open to spending time in your spa if you have one. Just don’t turn the temperature up too hot as she burns quite easily. Summer’s her favourite time of the year and she’s happy to try out other clothes. Her favourite clothes are skimpy outfits that show her curves.
KIara’s quite open to anal sex and has a deep anal cavity at 16cms so you’ll get that tight feeling you want without any hassle.
It’s not just anal sex that Kiara is open to. She’s also keen to try out different positions and wants you to move her limbs. When you have sex with her you’ll feel her soft skin and she’s so lifelike you’ll feel like she’s your girlfriend and that’s exactly what she wants you to feel. She wants you to feel pleasure like you’ve never felt before.
You’ll be turned on just looking at her. She has the perfect body shape with a 49-52cm waist depending on how tall you like her. Her hips vary from 74cm to 85cms and she has the perfect breast which range from 75cm to 83cm. She’ll be happy if you just want to spend time with her in her underwear. She loves lying around in her panties and looking attractive for you. That’s one of her favourite things to do. She doesn’t even always have to wear clothes. Sometimes she just likes to be naked and attractive for you. That’s her favourite thing to do in the world.

You can style Kiara sex doll exactly how you want and she’ll enjoy it.

By Libby Shaw


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