Sex dolls are never any real human beings to have a preferred choice on who they want and whom they don’t. To them, all people are equal all they ‘need’ so much is sex. Whether you are ugly, rich, handsome, weak or any other description, they will never complain but instead offer you satisfying sexual services.

Real girls will often judge you right from your appearance before they decide to go with you in bed. The problem only comes when you are in a situation that no rightful lady wants you. That’s when you realize sex dolls could have helped you long ago. In this case, lifelike types would be much better.

Sex Dolls Do Not Get Pregnant

Among the key differences between sex dolls and real women is the fact that dolls never get pregnant while women do. It occurs that some men would never want to have children so soon enough when they are not yet ready or in low financial stability. Such men would instead go for sex dolls to avoid any pregnancy cases. Pregnancy comes with a lot more responsibilities which if possible one can opt for one of the sex dolls.

Sex Dolls Do Not Pass On STDs

Unlike the real women out there, you can at least have full trust in a sex doll not to pass on your STD. Sex dolls never cheat nor betray their partners. They will ever remain faithful to you unless it is that used in a brothel – which of cause gets sterilized cleaned before the next client uses them.

Surprisingly, as much as some women could be against sex dolls, some have come to value their existence. What would hurt a woman most is seeing her husband lose attention for her for another woman. That pain would even be in excess if at all, they are real women he is concentrating on. It is pure jealousy.

On the other hand, those who allow sex dolls to play their part often do have better reasons. A typical example would be If they are traveling far for quite some time and leaving behind their husbands. Or if they feel unfit for more sex due to chronic ill-health condition or age yet, their partners still want to play sex. At least they can trust sex dolls for so many things than real women.

Women Are Women; They Are Irreplaceable If You Want Children

Yes, this is true. You don’t expect a sex doll to conceive and give birth. They lack all it takes for the entire pregnancy and child delivery procedures. Remember they are artificial, nothing more.

Sex Dolls Are Sex Toys; They Don’t Have Emotions

It is hormones which control human emotions. Sex dolls do not have any in them. Hence, they will always wear their usual mood no matter what. Humans, on the other hand, will have to experience mood swings each time in their ordinary lives. If you have a realistic sex doll who always smiles, she will be doing so for the rest of her ‘life’.

Sex Robots Don’t Have To Be The Future Of Porn

Sadly it is already happening. Lots of porn videos nowadays feature lots of sex dolls. Some find fun in watching those rather than those involving two real persons who have so far become monotonous. Controlling this is going to be an uphill task.

Final Thoughts

Knowing exactly if sex dolls will finally replace women is quite tricky. The reason for this being that sex dolls as well come with lots of advantages over real women yet Women still bear certain responsibilities no sex doll can handle like handling pregnancy. So who will men choose at the end? Well, it is a wait and see the situation.
By Irontech .


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