The doll is fake, but the feeling is true. Sex dolls, which have been defined as “lust” and “desire”, can also carry a lot of emotions.

This Japanese uncle is in his 60s. His name is Nakajima Chiko. He has a wife and children, but he doesn’t live with his family, but with a real doll.

Nakajima lives alone in a small apartment. He named the doll Saori and dressed the doll every day. He likes it.

This spring, Nakajima, 58, met the adult doll.

At that time, due to work reasons, he often went on business without his wife. He is inevitably a little lonely. Maybe it’s loneliness, maybe it’s coincidence. Uncle Nakajima accidentally saw an adult products store on the Internet. Nakajima opened, bought his first sex doll in his life and named it “Xiaohui”.

Nakajima said that Xiaohui is a very jealous girl. She will delete her photos dating other dolls because of jealousy.

Speaking of buying silicone dolls for the first time, Nakajima said that Xiaohui’s purchase cost 400000 yen.

At first, Nakajima just regarded the doll as an ordinary doll and didn’t invest too much emotion in it, but with the longer and longer time of day and night, it gradually felt bound.

Nakajima admitted that at first, like many men, he just wanted to vent his sexual desire through sex dolls. After meeting “Saori”, he really had the idea of love.

Entrusted by the manufacturer, Nakajima and Shazhi took a group photo by Xiangmo lake. Suddenly, he was shocked.

When Nakajima described the moment when he fell in love, he said: “her skin, pupils and hair glittered in the falling sun, so beautiful that people couldn’t breathe. From that moment on, I decided to fall in love with her seriously. She was the last lover in my life. There is a lot of love between words.

However, no matter how affectionate Shazhi is, it will not affect Nakajima’s continued possession of other sex dolls. Of course, he also has his own reasonable explanation and psychological positioning for them.

Xiaohui, as a baby who met for the first time, Nakajima has a “legitimate” feeling for her and occasionally dates together.

When Zhongdao is not at home, he doesn’t want to leave Saori at home, so he will take Saori out shopping together. Nakajima is a sand Weaver who is happy to dress up, and company is the most affectionate confession. Many people do not understand what uncle Nakajima has done, but Uncle Nakajima is indifferent. For Nakajima, this is his happy life.

By Irontech .


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