Hi, I’m Margret and I’ve just arrived back from the military. I was in the military for four years. While I was in the military I was involved in all types of exciting adventures and I dominated everyone I came into contact with. When you meet me you’ll see that I am very strong. In the military I handled a rifle and kept my platoon mates safe from danger. I also provided an ear for the women who struggled to be away from their friends and family members. While I was very kind to my platoon mates I had a tough side and they knew not to cross it.

Anytime that someone put me or my platoon mates in danger I would step in and whip them into line. They were at my mercy and did everything that I asked them to. It was hard for them to say no when they knew I’d dominate them with whips such as paddles, a ball gag and handcuffs. When they were gagged I’d ask them what types of sexual activities they wanted.

They often said that they wanted me to slap them around with the paddle and talk dirty to them so that’s exactly what I did. We’d use the ball gag for a few minutes, generally no longer than 15 minutes at a time but they always came begging for more and wanted to be humiliated and taken advantage of. Everytime they tried to speak I would slap them and they’d get excited. There were rare occasions when I’d misbehaved myself so we switched roles and I was dominated by them and begged for their forgiveness and let them do whatever they wanted to me.

In the military I wore annoying uniforms and had to follow a strict and rigid regime. Sometimes it was so hot during the day that all I wanted to do was strip down to my underwear but I wasn’t allowed to. There were times though when my platoon mates covered for me so I could chill out in my underwear.

That’s why these days I wear as few clothes as possible. I find them so restrictive after my time in the military and I want men to admire my sexy body. I’ve definitely worked for it with a lot of rigorous exercise. Everyday I was forced to do 100 push ups and go for a 10 kilometre run. That’s why I’m so toned these days and why I want to show off my body. I’m still ready for battle though and haven’t quite been able to get rid of my combat boots. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to so yes, that does mean that when you devour my sexy body I’ll wear my boots - if you want me too.

I now wear my hair the way I want, with it split into plaited pigtails. I think the look is so sexy and shows off my face so you can admire me and do whatever you want. I’m just waiting for a new man to take me for a ride and explore my body so what are you waiting for? Despite my time in the military I’m a petite girl and weigh between 34 and 40 kilos with a height that varies between 152cm and 168cm.
By Libby Shaw


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