No need to fear! Hopefully this post assures you that mismatched libidos are totally common for many couples.

Take the time to concentrate on other aspects of your relationship and thoughtfully foster the connection you share.

Don't Compare Your Relationship to Others 

No relationship is flawless and there isn't a "normal" baseline when it comes to intimacy. Instead, embrace the non-sexual intimacy you do share with your partner, letting go of pressure and expectations. Don't compare your sex schedule.

Make Intimacy Your Priority 

We don’t mean sex. Spend quality time together and be close on an emotional and physical level. Plan date nights, give each other a massage, play a game, or take a bath together.

There are countless activities you can do as a couple to enjoy being intimate; it doesn't have to begin and end with sex.

Be Curious.

Life (and relationships) can go dull, if you let it.

Share a goal to remain curious together, whether you buy sex toys, spice it up with new positions, or discuss and bring your sex dreams to life.

No matter how long you've been together, there is always room for curiosity.

Make Smaller Sexual Gestures

Sleepy, stressed, or simply in a rut, your spouse may be experiencing the exact opposite.

Occasionally, one will desire something the other does not. When this occurs, reach a compromise and meet halfway rather than banning sex and intimacy.

Small "sexual" gestures can be just enough to satisfy  your partner without going beyond your own comfort zone. Kissing the nape of their neck, sending a subtle but saucy "sext," running your hand across their thigh, or whispering "sweet nothings" into your lover's ear. 

Adapt and Accommodate

Use toys to ease the pressure if you or your spouse are too worn out to perform.

If things grow heated, something small and unobtrusive like a clitoral stimulator or a micro bullet vibrator can easily transition into foreplay and sex for the ladies, or  a textured stroker or vibrating masturbator combined with some water-based lubrication for the men.

Keep Lines of Communication Open 

In most cases, mismatched libidos are a bigger issue if communication is lacking.

The greatest method to overcome any relationship difficulty is to be open and willing to talk about everything that is pertinent to your relationship. Always check in with each other.

Never Be Afraid to Say No

You can ALWAYS say no. Relationships shouldn't be defined by sex, and you shouldn't ever feel as though you have to "put out" in order to meet expectations.

It’s perfectly normal for your sex drive to fluctuate over time. If you're experiencing low libido, don't be hard on yourself. If your partner is going through a period of high libido, be patient and understanding. With a little communication and compromise, it's possible to have a healthy and satisfying sex life even with mismatched libidos.
By Aimee Noguera - Stay Qreative


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