Everyone has different tastes when it comes to sex. Some people like anal penetration whereas others like clitoral stimulation. But everyone, no matter how old you are, everyone has a friend who is always up for using a vibrator.

Wand massagers

These are the largest type of vibrator and look like a microphone or as Sam in Sex and the City said, they’re just a massager so they offer discretion. Wand massagers are very easy to use. All you have to do is lie back with your knees in a butterfly position and then focus on targeting the tip of the massager to your clitoris. They massage the genitals which is how you get aroused. For extra stimulation you can start by using the massager on different parts of your body before moving downward. Another tip is to use a water based lube even when you’re just using it by yourself. To maintain the most impact give the massager a rest every 15 minutes so it doesn’t get worn out.

Wearable vibrators

Wearable vibrators can also be controlled with a remote. You simply wear them in your panties and then your partner can control it with a remote, even if you’re in a long distance relationship. Some couples vibrators work by being inserted into the vagina and then the neck will sit between the lips and massage the clitoris. This can be even more fun to play around with when you’re out on a date and have your little secret while none of the restaurant staff around know what’s going on.
These vibrators can also be used in BDSM, with the dominant partner having all the control while the submissive is at the mercy.

Anal plug vibrators

When we think of vibrators we think of vaginal vibrators but you can also get anal plug vibrators that are designed to stimulate the anus. More and more women are exploring butt stuff so they can be a fun change when you want to mix it up. You just insert the flared base after massaging the area with lube, slowly. If you’re not ready to have the flared bulb inserted you can just start with your fingers and then as you get more experienced work your way up to a vibrating anal plug. After use you should ALWAYS clean your vibrating anal plug or any other toy that goes into the anus. This will prevent infections or STIs and help you maintain your toys for longer.

Bullet vibrators

These are the smallest toys and can sometimes be mistaken for lipstick because they are so discrete. You can use them anywhere whether it’s your clitoris, nipples or anus. Just start with a light intensity and then work your way up to the intensity you want. If you’re in a relationship then you can attach these to a cock ring to help your partner get their rocks off as well. The cock ring will also stimulate your clitoris and vulva during vaginal penetration.

Suction vibrators

Just as the name suggests, they pull and suck and replicate the feeling of someone going down on you. You can just place the hollow end over your clitoris and adjust the vibration intensity until you have climaxed.
By Libby Shaw


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