There’s so many different masturbation options for those who want to indulge in self pleasure. There are full sized sex dolls, which are incredibly lifelike and then there are torso sex dolls which are basically just a doll that starts at the buttocks and vaginal area and ends at the neck. Although they’re a lot smaller, you can still dress up a torso sex doll and position it to sit on your couch next to you when you feel like some company. Full sized sex dolls can be very heavy and hard to clean. You won’t have to think about either of these issues with a torso sex doll.

Torso sex dolls are more affordable

Torso sex dolls are much cheaper than a full sized sex doll so they’re a good choice if you’re on a budget but want to play around with the world of sex toys. Due to the price being so low you can start a collection of them and rotate them when you feel like it. It’s like dating several women at one time without the complications hassle.

They are easier to store

Torso sex dolls can be stored easily and you can pack them when you’re travelling. You won’t have to worry about them getting damaged or taking up a lot of space. Unlike a full sized sex doll they won’t take up a full closet. Instead they can be stored on a shelf or under some towels so you won’t have to think about them being seen by unwelcome eyes either.

They are easier to clean

Due to torso sex dollars being easier to clean than full sized sex dolls you can clean them more often ad that will help them stay in good condition for longer. You can treat them as though they’re just a regular doll and if you’re careful you can even wash them in the bath or shower. Just clean the doll both in and outside to avoid bacteria gathering in the doll’s holes. They are much easier to carry due to not having any limbs to think about and they are made out of lighter materials so you can more easily manipulate them when using them.

They are less confronting than a full sized sex doll

While you may struggle to find a partner if you have a full sized sex doll, it’s easier when you are using a torso sex doll. They don’t require much space and are often designed with a specific fantasy in mind. You can use them by yourself or with a partner. As the dolls have no face, hair or head you can fantasise however you want without the doll’s face getting in the way of your enjoyment and there’s no eyes to worry about either.

They are more realistic than full sized sex dolls

Torso sex dolls tend to be more realistic and can be used by men and women. Quite often full sized sex dolls aren’t realistic. Sure they look realistic but you can’t manipulate their limbs like you can with a full sized sex doll. You also won’t have to worry about looking into the doll’s eyes which clearly show that you’re using a sex doll.
By Libby Shaw


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