Real women will smell very comfortable when they use suitable perfume, and the same goes for sex dolls.

Realistic sex dolls have their own personality. Usually, people who buy dolls will continue to give more things.

Many sex doll owners treat lifelike dolls almost like real humans, which is a common behaviour. They don’t think dolls are ordinary sex toys and can only be used for fun, but as daily friends, Lovers.

Full size dolls that receive special care can have all kinds of clothes, underwear, shoes, wigs, eyes, fake nails, nail polish, cosmetics, perfume, and accessories and other daily necessities. All of these have been carefully selected to look closer to real women.

This is the reason why some adult doll owners want to leave a fragrance on their dolls, because it can arouse sensory pleasure, and will leave a deep impression on people. Or they can do so, the purpose is only to dissipate the original smell of TPE and silicone materials, and make the erotic doll have its own real and unique fragrance.

The use of perfume for sex dolls is a controversial topic. Some people suggest not to try anything, while others have tried it after understanding the basics.

The reason for refusing to use perfume for adult dolls is that they refuse to use alcohol in them, because this dry substance usually deteriorates silicone and TPE, which causes subsequent material cracking. This substance can involve complete wrist injuries.

Suitable Location

For people who want to try perfume, choosing body parts is the most critical. Putting the perfume in a sufficiently hidden place (such as the armpit or the nape of the neck) is one of the most concerned suggestions, so if these areas become dry And/or rupture, it will not directly interfere with or impair the use feeling.

Non-alcoholic Perfume

Use non-alcoholic or light perfume, so you can emit fragrance without restriction, and you don’t have to worry about deterioration. Non-alcoholic perfume or cologne will not harm silicone or TPE.

Hair Fragrance

Putting perfume on the hair (wig) is also another option. You can use any non-alcoholic perfume. If it contains alcohol, it is best to put the wig on the doll’s head after it is dry.

Cream and Oil

The basic purpose of using moisturizers and oils on sex dolls is to hydrate and lubricate TPE and silicone, but depending on the product used, this may add a benefit. If both of these have a long-lasting smell, you can use it as a perfume for adult dolls to absorb this smell and make it more durable

Liquid Aromatherapy or Aromatherapy Candle

This is not to allow the sex doll to come into direct contact with candles or incense, because in this case, the doll will be soiled. However, what can be done is to use aromatherapy or candles in a sealed room or space, and then keep the erotic doll in the sealed space, so that the scent of the two objects will be distributed to the whole surroundings and the doll’s body. The thing to remember when using this method is that if you want to make the fragrance longer, you must perform fragrances to achieve the effect with many times.


Spraying perfume directly on the clothes and letting it dry before dressing up the doll is another way to leave her fragrance. It is necessary to consider that if the clothes that are easy to fade are in contact with perfume and the important process of drying is ignored , it is likely to stain the skin of the doll.

If skin tears occur, for TPE, you can choose the correct repair tools and methods to repair. For the problem of using perfume, the general recommendation is to try all methods as long as they avoid affecting the materials of sex dolls.
By Irontech .


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