Like everything, sex also has its trends. There are sex acts or behaviours that are popular during certain periods. One trend that doesn’t look like it’s going to go away anytime soon is sexual openness, with people being more willing to experiment and discuss what they do in the bedroom without hesitation. Aside from our general attitudes towards sex being more liberal there are specific trends that people are keen to try out in 2023.


Research suggests that no more than 60% of women masturbate and less than 20% orgasm from penetrative sex. With figures like that it is absolutely no surprise that non penetrative activities are increasing in popularity. Women respond more to kissing, teasing and rubbing, with it being an essential part of sexual activity. People are moving away from penetration to foreplay and other activities so that both parties will reach orgasm.

Mutual masturbation

Another activity that’s growing in popularity is mutual masturbation. There is something incredibly hot about watching your partner play with themselves while playing with yourself. Couples love watching their partner play with themselves and seeing what turns them on. Knowing what gets your partner off puts you in a much better position to satisfy them when it’s your turn to satisfy them. The sounds from mutual masturbation can also enhance your connection and intensify the entire sexual experience.

Anal masturbation

It’s apparent that self pleasure is becoming more accepted and added to that list is anal masturbation. You might wonder how exactly you do it. Well basically you can just start with a lubricated finger and as you become more and more comfortable with exploring the area you can introduce toys like anal beads, a butt plug and a vibrator to really step it up a notch.

New and improved Missionary

The Missionary position is one of the most popular sex positions because it allows you to be truly present and intimate with your partner. In 2023 though, couples are now incorporating sex toys into the missionary to orgasm together while making eye contact.

Praising your partner

Everyone wants to know that their partner wants them and it seems like more and more people are getting turned on by being told how wonderful certain parts of their body are. This trend is known as “praise kinks” and can also be used during dirty talk. Some people go absolutely wild when their partner talks dirty to them about all the things they want to do. Praise plays on your desire to be adored physically and emotionally and feels good for both parties involved.

Pelvic floor

A lot of us don’t even know what the pelvic floor is until it comes to childbirth but it can also be used for pleasure by all genders. All you have to do is relax the pelvic floor to increase arousal and you will get closer to and reach orgasm. You have an advantage if you can use it without thinking too much. It can be used during foreplay and intercourse. The tensing of the muscle helps build pleasure.
These are just some of the sexual activities you can try out but of course there are so many more that we haven’t even thought of. Ultimately, whatever your favourite sexual activity is, it can be made even better with a sex toy and lubricant.
By Libby Shaw


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