Contrary to popular belief, older people do still have a satisfying sex life, with many saying that it is essential to their happiness and overall quality of life. Even more interesting is that older adults are more creative when it comes to their sexual endeavours because they want to address issues like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. For this reason, older people use sexual aids, try out different position or mix up their sex play. They may even have a sexual encounter without

penetration which can be just as enjoyable. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, toys can help increase your sexual arousal.. If you’re new to sex toys then you could start with a smaller vibrator before upgrading based on what you like. A small vibrator will allow you to dabble in the use of sex toys and try out different speeds and pulsation settings to find the right setting for you.

Internal vs external pleasure

Most women enjoy vibrators because they can be used internally and externally meanwhile smaller clitoral sex toys are an ideal choice if you struggle to achieve orgasm through penetration alone. These come in a range of different shapes and sizes and you can also get dildos that are simply designed for insertion and don’t offer any electronic stimulation.
Bullet vibrators are named that because they are tiny and can be used with the push of just one button, yet they are powerful enough to be used on your clitoris for solo or partner play. Some are even smaller at a pebble size. They are so tiny that most people wouldn’t even realise that you’ve got a vibrator.
Other sex toys aren’t vibrators but they can be used to stimulate the clitoris. These ones use air pulses or sonic wave technology. They’re designed to be left in place so if you have limited movement they can be an attractive choice.

What about pleasuring the penis?

Similar to the range of sex toys for women, there is an extensive selection of toys for men including cock rings, which can be great for anyone who struggles to maintain an erection. They restrict the blood flow to the penis which results in longer and harder erections. Some cock rings look like rubber bands but they aren’t designed to stop the blood flow so don’t improvise and use a rubber band as a cock ring as it could be quite risky. You should also limit your use of a cock ring to 30 minutes. Cock rings are one of the most popular types of sex toys for couples because they can be used to stimulate the clitoris as well which will ensure that both of you are satisfied.
Men can also get vibrators. The Urway Vibrator Thrusting Sucking Masturbation Cup is ideal for solo pleasure and you can choose from seven sucking or vibrating settings to resemble the human touch. The vibrator can also be linked to an audio port so you can ear moaning women.

What about anal play?

Anal beads and plugs are the best option for anal play. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant before getting started and always start slowly.
Lubricant should be used with any type of sex toy to make it more pleasurable and enhance the sensations.
By Libby Shaw


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