When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time it can get boring and you may want to spice things up. One of the simplest ways to do that is to introduce sex games into your relationship and we’ve got a huge range to help you get started.
Imagine if you could have a whole year of sex mapped out! How awesome would that be? Now you can. Sex! Card Game - A Year of Sex! Is a collection of 50 cards, each of which has 50 Kama Sutra positions. Each card has a picture, with instructions and a difficulty rating of 1-5. At the end of the year you’ll have 50 new positions and a much more exciting sex life where you and your partner never get bored.
Oral sex lovers will love the Oral Sex Dice - Couple’s Dice Game where you simply roll the dice to find out if you lick, suck, blow or sex. You are guaranteed pleasure with this game.
Sex games are great for sex parties and can make things interesting. Instead of just playing strip poker, use the Let’s Get Naked Cards. You flip each card over and whoever has the highest number gets to watch the other players perform the actions on the other players. They may include removing one item of clothing or taking a piece of clothing off the person next to you.  By the time the game is finished you’ll be in the mood to just get down with each player.
Let’s Fuck! Is similar where each card includes a picture and an option of something to do like taking pictures of each other, using food while playing with each other or simply giving each other oral sex.
Couples will love the Let’s Fool Around Dice Game. Each player rolls the dice and gets to decide what body part they will perform the action on. You can suck, play with the penis or clitoris, inner tights, face or chest. The game is also a great option for sex parties with friends.
Sex Spinner is very much a Wheel of Fortune style game where you spin the wheel and than perform whatever sex act is pictured on the wheel so there’s an element of surprise right from the start.
Happy Fucking Birthday Bash looks a lot like Jenga where you stack the blocks. The difference is that you can also drink and that there are questions about the person whose birthday it is. You take a drink for every guess you get wrong.  It’s a great game for two or more players. Smash Party! - Sexy Activity Drinking Game is very similar, with the only difference being that each block has a dare on it. If you don’t want to do the dare then you take a drink.
Lets Get Fucked Up Ring Toss - Adult Party Game is another game that’s fun at sex parties. There’s a sheet of dares and challenges included but there’s also the option to make your own set. The F-U finger is a great centrepiece for the game.
By Libby Shaw


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