Hi, I’m Tahlia and I’m always ready for adventure. You’ll see me wearing hot pants and a crop top. I’m always dressed for summer and I love dressing in sexy clothes. My goal in life is to turn you on and get you excited.
My favourite time of year is the Summer so I spend time at the beach and at summer festivals. I’m a huge music fan and I like to have a good time in the summer. It’s the best time of the year. I especially love travelling to the beach for summer. At the beach I like to sunbathe topless or just hang out with you and soak up the sun so I have a great natural tan and sun kissed hair.
If there aren’t too many people hanging around the beach then I’m always up for sex on the beach, both the drink and the real thing. Sex on the beach is exciting. Nothing beats the sounds of crashing waves when there’s a hot guy or girl pounding you and doing everything they can to pleasure you.
On other occasions I like to skinny dip as well, but I generally do that at the lakes. While we’re at the lakes I love to sit naked by the campfire while you caress me and work your magic on me. When we’re finished I won’t be putting my underwear back on. I definitely prefer to go commando so you’ll see my hard nipples through my little crop top which is bound to get you hard and give you an erection.
I have luscious locks that I wear out. I like to wear my hair out and have quite a beach vibe. It’s sexier and I think it will excite you more. I can wear minimal make up or if you want me to wear a lot of make up I’m just as happy to do that as well. It’s really up to you. My mission in life is to serve and turn you on.
I quite like anal sex too and have a deep anal cavity so you’ll feel tight and enclosed when we have anal sex. My skin is so soft and you’ll wonder how it’s so smooth. It’s just like silk so you’ll want to touch me all over and I want you to do that as well.
We can also have vaginal intercourse. I’m happy with whatever style you want and am happy to try a bunch of different positions whether it’s doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl or something else. The moves are all in your hands. You can finger me any time you want. I’m just as happy to give you oral sex. I never get tired of giving you oral sex. I love having your hard dick in my mouth and watching you get crazily turned on. I can give you oral sex for hours and you’ll wonder what you were missing out on before I became your girlfriend.
I have a lot of energy so it doesn’t matter what time of day you’re horny. I’m always up for a good time so just start playing with me and I’ll give you whatever you want.
By Libby Shaw


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