Entity silicone dolls are the kind of highly realistic dolls that we often say that are made with a real-life ratio. They are made with a ratio of 1:1, which is very real. They are very popular among single men and even some married men. Will also buy physical silicone dolls.

Although there are many gets of physical silicone dolls, we simply make it difficult to purchase physical silicone dolls, because there are two main materials for physical silicone dolls, one is traditional silicone, and the other is TPE. How do we distinguish between these two materials?

One, distinguish from price

The best way to distinguish between silicone and TPE dolls is to look at the price. Many of the silica gels start at tens of thousands of yuan, and some of the imported prices are as high as more than 100,000 yuan. The price of TPE physical silicone dolls is much cheaper, generally only a few thousand yuan, you can buy a good one at around 5,000 yuan, or even an entry-level one at around 2,000 yuan, which is very cost-effective.

Second, distinguish from texture

The all-silicone entity doll is expensive because of its better texture. It is harder than the TPE material, and the dolls made are more expressive and artistic. Therefore, many people buy all-silicone physical dolls only for taking pictures and art, and having sex with physical silicone dolls is just a matter of randomness. . .

Of course, the current TPE solid silicone dolls are also doing very well, in fact, they are not very different from all silicone.

Three, distinguish from the feel

As mentioned above, the texture of the all-silicone entity doll is slightly harder because its material is harder. The TPE solid silicone doll is softer and feels better to the touch. In terms of application experience alone, TPE solid silicone dolls are actually better than all silicone dolls.

All-silicone physical dolls can also be made soft, but the cost will be further increased, and the price is not affordable for ordinary people.

Fourth, distinguish from taste

All silicone dolls have no smell at all. It is inevitable that TPE solid silicone dolls will have a little smell, but this smell will gradually disappear, and there will be no harmful substances produced by regular manufacturers, and it is still very safe to use.

Which is better, full silicone entity doll or TPE?

The collectives faced by dolls made of these two materials are different. It is hard to say which one is better, only more suitable.

All-silicone solid silicone has good texture, beautiful, realistic, and artistic. These are its gets, but it is actually too expensive. Good all-silica dolls are priced at tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands are not uncommon. , Only a small number of people with no money can afford it.

The price of TPE physical silicone doll will be about 10 times cheaper, and you can buy it for a few thousand yuan. Moreover, this kind of doll can be made very beautiful and lifelike, and because it is softer, it will be better when used, especially It is used to satisfy the body’s hopes, and it will be very comfortable to use. These are its gets.

As for the choice of these two dolls, the main thing depends on your wallet. However, for most people, TPE’s physical silicone dolls are completely sufficient, and they are also a more affordable and cost-effective choice.
By Irontech .


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