When we think of vibrators we think of women using them as a substitute for a man and we think of using them to stimulate our clitoris. Vibrators can be used to thrust. Thrusting vibrators differ from regular vibrators and can enhance the experience that can rival even the best cock but how can you maximise their impact?

What is a thrusting vibrator?

A thrusting vibrator is a type of hand held sex toy that has a shaft designed to mimic a penis. It can extend and contract to recreate sex with a human. It’s a great option for anyone who finds it easier to climax through penetrative sex but struggles to thrust with speed. Most thrusting vibrators are designed with simplicity but others have rabbit ears or beads to help stimulate the clitoris and the g spot.
If you’re new to thrusting vibrators then experiment with the type, material, size and other settings to find the best one for you and/or your partner.

How do they work?

As briefly explained, they have a shaft that contracts and extends which modifies the shaft length and they can penetrate either the vaginal cavity or the anus. They make penetrative sex much easier with a partner if it is not one of your strong suits.
Similar to other vibrators and dildos they come in a variety of colours and can look quite realistic depending on your budget. Thrusting vibrators that have beads or rabbit ears can create an additional sensation giving you even more pleasure.

Will I enjoy them?

Different sex toys appeal to different people, so if you like vibrators and you want to be penetrated it is safe to assume that yes. You will enjoy the sensation. You don’t need to worry about them being too intense or painful because you control how deep they go. In many ways they actually feel better than regular sex because you’re in total control. The added bonus is that if it’s been a while since you’ve had sex with a person you can still recreate that sensation which will help you feel better when you have sex again.
They can either be used solo or with a partner. It really depends on what you’re after and how comfortable you are using sex toys with another person.

Who should buy them?

Anyone who enjoys penetrative sex and a realistic vibrator is the ideal market for a thrusting vibrator. That includes men and women.

They can be used both inside the vagina and in the anus so the possibilities are endless.
Some people find it difficult to climax with a partner or without penetration so a thrusting vibrator can do the majority of the hard work for you.

What type of thrusting vibrator should I buy?

There are two main version of thrusting vibrators. Some have a simple shaft like design, with or without a suction cap at the end so they can be attached to a wall in your bedroom or shower. Others have a rabbit ear to help stimulate the clitoris. It really depends on what you want.
They are available in silicone like the majority of other vibrators and you can purchase them in ABS plastic as well which is also non porous, and therefore easy to clean when you are finished with the toy.

They have a range of settings that you can adjust to suit.

By Libby Shaw


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