Whether it’s your magic wand that grants your wishes or a rampant rabbit that hits the spot, vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and there’s plenty on offer to keep you coming back for more.

There are all kinds of vibrators out there.  When you’re buying your first one, the list can seem extensive and a little intimidating. Vibrators are one of the most versatile toys– they can be inserted into the vagina or anus, or sometimes not even at all; they can be made of various materials and have many different textures and styles; and they come in a wide range of prices and styles. No matter what you’re into, there’s a little bit of buzz buzz out there for you.

When you say the words, “Sex toy,” everyone seems to immediately think of vibrators. There’s a reason that these toys are the first thing that comes to mind– they’re fantastic.

Pocket Rockets and Mini-Vibes: If you’re buying your first vibrator and you’re intimidated by all your options, pocket rockets are a great start. They usually feature a short, thin body with a vibrating head and exchangeable tops for that head. They are primarily used for clitoral stimulation, but some, can be used internally and come with changeable heads made for stimulating the vaginal canal or even the G-Spot

Bullets: These toys rely on their very intense vibrator to send waves of pleasure. Many other toys, including rabbits and some wands include bullets, but you can also buy them on their own, like our favorite golden bullet. They are small, and usually don’t come with a handle of any kind, making them a great clitoral stimulator. Sometimes, they are even connected to a remote control so that your partner can get in on the fun.

Wands: These toys are something of a combination of a pocket rocket and a bullet. They’re much bigger than either, but they combine the vigorous vibration of the bullet with the varied textures and shape the pocket rockets are capable of. 

Anal: Anal vibrators are usually a little slimmer than other vibrators, or they have the same, curved shape of a butt plug. The reasoning for the former is that they make a good primer for anal sex. The anus tends to be tighter and more difficult to navigate than the vagina, so using something small but long is a great way to start. The butt plug shape, like this vibrating butt plug, makes it less likely it will get stuck in the anus, which is far deeper than the vagina. Keep in mind: other vibrators can be used for anal, but make sure that you’re ready to take the size, and have proper protection if the toy is porous since bacteria from the anus can have a negative effect on the vaginal flora.

Realistic: These vibes look like real penises. That… pretty much sums it up actually. If you’re having trouble deciding if you want a vibrator or a dildo, these are a great option. Like the bullets, they often come with small remotes that hang outside of the vibrator so that your partner can help you out.

Rabbit (Or Double): Perhaps the most famous vibrator type, the rabbit got its biggest kick from an unexpected place. These toys get their name not from the cutesy little rabbit they usually have as a clitoral stimulator, but from the fact that they have two separate vibrating parts– in the shape of some seriously lopsided rabbit ears.

Triple: Triples are like the Rabbit, except with one added bonus– that’s right! They have an additional anal vibrator which is easily insertable in the back door. These aren’t for your casual user, and certainly not for the beginner.

Traditional Vibrators: If you’re looking for something nice and simple, the traditional vibrator is just that. Combining the simplicity of pocket rockets with the size and length of some of the more advance vibrators, traditional vibrators don’t have any extra arms or legs, nor do they look like a penis. They can still come in a wide variety of sizes though, which makes them versatile– for clitoral, vaginal, or anal fun

By Tammie Paine


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