Although physical dolls are still more expensive, our living standards are getting higher and higher. In addition, there are more and more domestic manufacturers, and there are many applications of TPE data. Now the price of physical dolls has dropped a lot, so many people can Buy it.

At this stage, the price of physical dolls is very chaotic. Domestic prices range from hundreds of yuan to over 10,000 physical silicone dolls. All kinds of physical dolls come in all kinds. The following article will briefly introduce the characteristics of current physical dolls. To see which one is better.

We all understand that a physical doll is an adult toy used to replace a real person to fulfill the desires of the body. To get a better understanding of love and a better feeling of love, the physical doll needs to have the following characteristics:

First of all, the physical doll should have a highly simulated skin, non-toxic and safe, feel good, and have high durability, and the touch is basically the same as that of a real person. It should also have an anti-fouling effect and be very easy to clean. Good physical dolls have detailed skin color and gloss, and the touch feels closer to the real skin.

Secondly, the use of physical dolls has a lot to do with her built-in skeleton. A good physical doll must be able to move its joints and assume all kinds of postures you want to meet your various needs and dreams. So you can distribute it as you want. You can treat it as a sexy, attractive, beautiful, beautiful, and talkative little girlfriend.

After all, real people have temperature, not cold. If you want a physical doll to understand it better, then she must have temperature, especially when used in winter, the understanding will be better. Fortunately, many physical dolls now have a heating function, and this technology is not messy.

And if you want to meet the above requirements, such physical silicone dolls will not be very cheap, at least a few hundred yuan, or about a thousand yuan is not available, this must be known clearly, so that it can make it easier for you Buy your ideal physical doll.
By Irontech .


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