If there was something that you could do to boost your sexual performance and your partner's experience, would you try it?


This is where vibrating cock rings enter the fold. Their goal is to make sex feel even more amazing. But how? Let's dive in.

Stimulation for you and your partner at the same time

There are many vibrating cock rings available, and all promise various things that should improve your sexual excursions. Essentially, they create fuller, longer-lasting erections, powerful orgasms, and clitoral stimulation that do not require your hands.

Sex with a vibrating cock ring

To begin, don't worry if your cock ring feels a little tight. It's meant to restrict blood flow to create a larger and longer-lasting erection and a more powerful orgasm. Ensure the fit is comfortably snug, then activate the vibration feature, and you'll likely experience increased endurance with a pleasant vibration for your partner, which stimulates the clitoris all by itself.

Choosing the right option

As we mentioned, there is no shortage of vibrating cock rings on the market. Choosing the best option for you is somewhat subjective. It depends on you and your partner's comfort levels, the type of sex you like to have, and how adventurous you feel like being.


There is no one place to start, so we recommend going with whichever model catches your eye or looks the most comfortable/least intimidating. Many customers come back to try different versions after their experiences with the first.

Pass the remote

Some models will come complete with a remote control for easier control! These make it easy to adjust settings via a wireless unit that doesn't get in the way during sex. Most cock rings are also completely waterproof, so they can be used in the shower or bath. Simply clean the ring after each use with lukewarm water.

Add a new dimension to your sex life with a vibrating cock ring today

Vibrating cock rings can be an inexpensive, safe and fun way to spice up your bedroom play. Enjoy harder and longer-lasting erections with more stimulation for both yourself and your partner.


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By Tammie Paine


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