Sex toys have been around for decades, with some scientists saying that they’ve been around for as long as 30,000 years. It’s unknown whether or not they were used for self pleasure or playing with a partner. It’s also debatable whether or not a dildo made from stone is safe for the body. We are however certain that sex toys are a brilliant way to enhance sexual pleasure. With the desire to experience pleasure you need to find products that are safe for the body.
With reduced stigma comes more sex toys, which means they’re made from a greater variety of materials. More and more people are keen to bring sex toys out into the open rather than keeping them concealed. During the pandemic people became more open with their use of sex toys and that trend has stuck around, even as people are able to go out again.
Along with the desire to experiment with sex toys comes the potential to use sex toys made from unsafe materials. Some sex toys are made from porous or toxic materials. Luckily every sex toy we stock is made from safe materials and are safe. It’s incredibly important to be informed about the materials that your sex toys are made out of so you can experience a great orgasm without there being any risk to your body’s wellbeing.
Body safe means that these products are designed to be used around your most sensitive body parts. Unfortunately due to previous stigma the sex toy industry isn’t FDA regulated but reputable sex brands like Doc Johnson try to distinguish themselves by manufacturing sex toys that are made exclusively from non-toxic, body safe materials and ingredients. When you’re buying sex toys it’s essential that all the toys are safe.
A lot of our descriptions say that our sex toys do not include phthalates. What that means is that they do not include potentially carcinogenic and therefore toxic materials, which could damage your internal organs. You should always check the description to see that your sex toy does not include these chemicals.
Another thing to look out for when you’re buying your sex toys is that they are non-porous. If you buy a porous sex toy it means that it contains chemicals that could cause infections have been included in the manufacturing process. It also means that dirt and grime could get trapped in the toy’s surface leading to infection later on. You need to check the materials that cock rings are made out of in particular because these are more likely to be made from porous materials.
Non-porous means there is no chance of any dirt, grime or other bacteria getting into the sex toy’s surface so you will be safe to wash it. The only thing you need to do is wash it between uses. Non-porous sex toys such as those made from stainless steel, glass or silicone are amongst the safest materials and are very easy to clean. These materials also feel good on the body.
While you can’t make sure your sex toy is 100% body safe, you can check our descriptions to verify that the toy is made from non-toxic and non-porous materials.
By Libby Shaw


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