Are you thinking about introducing anal toys to your bedroom playtime? It's a good idea to prepare mentally and physically to avoid diving right in and having a bad experience. 


Take it step-by-step with some handy things to consider from the experts at Naughty By Nature Adult Store to ensure using anal toys for first time is a safe, fun, and pleasurable experience.

Preparing mentally

Many find the thought of using anal toys a little daunting. The best way to ensure the experience is pleasurable is with education. Empower your experience by knowing what to expect, and take some time to research. After all, it’s not a race!

Practice alone fist

The experience is a lot less scary if you aren't worried about what your partner is thinking/feeling, so try masturbation as a way to understand your body and preferences first. Solo anal play is a safe way to be comfortable while learning about anal pleasure in a safe space for experimentation. 


Test out different products with the power to stop and start anytime you want. You can be both the giver and the receiver before adding another person to the mix.

Keep hygiene in front of mind

It's essential to know your body and digestive system as you are inserting something into your anus. It's a great idea to clean before anal play with alcohol-free or baby wipes or empty your bowels and wash the anal area with soap and warm water. 


If you really want to make sure everything is clean, you can use an enema one to two hours before anal play. For clean-up afterward, an Epsom salt bath can be an excellent option for sore muscles. It's also important to thoroughly wash your toys in hot soapy water.

Choose the right toys for you

Deciding which anal toy is best for you comes down to the use and sensation you are most interested in. There are different types of anal products that go well beyond the simple butt plug. Anal toys allow you to concentrate on other pleasure centres, and butt plugs are a great way to facilitate sexual pleasure due to pressure to erogenous zones.


To begin, try something the size of a finger. If you are considering anal beads, keep in mind, they are meant to offer a range of pleasurable sensations, like having a muscle massaged.

Above all be safe

It is a good idea to choose anal toys with a flared base to avoid them slipping too far into your anal canal. This will help you avoid any serious bodily harm by making retrieval both easy, and more importantly, possible.


If you are new to anal toys, start off with short periods of time, and if you need a little extra help, Naughty By Nature Adult Toys are here to assist.


By Luke Carlino


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