How do you like your Ice Cream Sundae? Vanilla please. Would you like crushed nuts? No that sounds a little kinky!

Is Vanilla sex within your comfort zone? A safe and predictable way to achieve sexual pleasure. No interest to venture to the other side? Check-out a person’s bucket list and there might just be an encounter listed a little more extreme.

Then the empty-nesters, who were almost destined for Vanilla forever it seemed, can now start a new adventure perhaps. When the kids were home the art of lovemaking consisted of a quick horizontal tango and muffled orgasms. Vanilla was not just flavoursome but a necessity.

Thoughts of something a little more unconventional enter the equation. Ah! Yes the alternate lifestyle beckons. Is there life beyond the tried and true method? Does Vanilla sex become a chore for producing children? There is a progression I reckon.

Try different things until you stumble on something you like. Watching porn could be a good reference as to what stimulates the imagination. Start off slow and easy then find out what turns you both on. Does exhibitionism interest you? Dogging has become a very popular way to do it outdoors.

Do you add chilli flakes or vanilla essence? Better check the recipe for suggestions.

Study up on toys and aids and discover what you both might enjoy. For suggestions and instruction the knowledgeable folk at ‘Naughty by Nature’ can be of great assistance. They have a lot of stock and there has to be something to tickle your fancy, so to speak.

If there is no sexual gain from pain, then don’t go there! As where there are other avenues to travel less painful. If a threesome is uneven get to know another like-minded couple for friendship and shenanigans. Bi-Sexuality doesn’t have to be a prerequisite! You can still have fun with boundaries.

Apart from oral sex there is aural sex! Communication gives direction. Talk to your partner about what your fantasies are and you might be surprised to find out it might be shared.

Remember a Vanilla Milk Shake is just that. But add a scoop of Malt and it might just change things for the better. Whatever turns you on!
By Write@You .


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