It’s no surprise that women have sex toys. Everyone knows that women love vibrators whether they’re bullets ore larger lifelike dildos, but what’s less common is for men to have sex toys.

Even though it’s assumed that men are more expressive and open to sexual exploration, men getting pleasure from sex toys isn’t generally talked about. While it’s easy to have sex when you’re in a relationship, you may have a dry spell if you’re single.

Sex toys can give you a chance to learn about your body - what you do and don’t like when you’re single. They can also help you increase your confidence so that when you do have a partner again you’ll be more confident in asking for what you want. If you’re already in a relationship however, toys can help you spice things up and build excitement again.

There are so many different sex toys to choose from and the possibilities are endless whether you’re single or in a relationship. Here are some of the top reasons why you should get your own sex toys.

You can explore

When you own sex toys you can explore anytime you want and try different things. The different things such as anal beads or handcuffs will help you experience different sensations. The general idea is that sex toys allow you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do and you can expand your sexual horizons.

You and your partner will become closer

There’s nothing more intimate than watching your partner use a sex toy themselves with you on the sidelines. You will see exactly what they like and it can help you spice things up.

You don’t have to stick to what you’re both comfortable with. The more you try sex toys together the better your sex life will become and that will improve your relationship in other ways as well because it will improve communication.

Your orgasms will be better

A few years ago men were worried that if their partner used a vibrator they would become redundant but that is not the case at all. Using sex toys can help you both experience better organs together because you are being stimulated in different ways.

That then means better intercourse

Better orgasms mean better intercourse because you and your partner will know what you both get turned on by. You will also be able to better satisfy your partner when you use sex toys because they can open you and your partner up to new possibilities and things that you haven’t tried before.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore more

Exploring means that you’ll be able to enjoy your private time. If you like anal sex then anal beads or anal plugs will help you get satisfied. The bottom line is you can get sex toys for just about every desire so you’ll feel fulfilled no matter what you want.

Sex toys are enjoyable

Everyone who owns sex toys agrees that they are enjoyable and that they can help you ignite a spark. With or without a partner you will enjoy using sex toys. It’s just. Case of which one you want to try first.
By Libby Shaw


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