Wearing sexy lingerie can make you feel like you have a secret superpower over some old granny panties. From your love life to your self-confidence, lingerie inside and outside the bedroom can be an amazing experience.


We are visual beings, and lingerie is the eye candy that can surprise your partner with something revealing and a little teasing. Let's dive into why lingerie is so important.

All lingerie of all kinds

Whether you have strappings, garter belts, lace, or anything else, lingerie is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. In a new relationship, sexy lingerie can significantly increase the levels of desire.

The fun form of support 

Sexy lingerie is more than just a clothing item; it can also provide functional support. Bras with pads, garter belts, corsets and more can help to keep everything comfortable and in place.


The right sexy lingerie can hide tiny imperfections for those who, for example, are less comfortable about their thighs. Stockings will give a confidence boost and levels of support while still looking amazingly sexy.

Boost your confidence

Sexy lingerie is not just a visual benefit for men; it also provides a confidence boost for women. It is far more difficult to feel bad about your body when you are wearing a push-up bra coupled with a sexy thong.


Lingerie can make you feel sensual and desirable and can be your fun secret outside of the bedroom as well. Wear something sexy under your jeans when you leave the house. If you are single, it can be good to be prepared for an unexpected rendezvous that requires some sexy support.


After all, the last thing you want is to end up in the bedroom with nothing but those granny pants!

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Why is Lingerie Important in the Bedroom?

By Tammie Paine


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