There are many ways to enhance your experience in the bedroom and to increase the passion. You can try different sex positions. You can also look at the atmosphere of the room you’re in. What would help build the mood? One such way is the use of sexual candles.

So how can sexual candles enhance the romantic atmosphere?

Aside from altering the lighting and create a different vibe with the light alone, there is something sensual about the way a candle flame flickers and they can take your experience to a new level. Sexual candles are different to regular candles because they’ve been designed with sensuality in mind and have appealing scents built in. That can make you feel more aroused and relaxed. A candle can add warmth to the room and build the intimate atmosphere. Whether it’s just a romantic dinner or more, candles can make it a more memorable experience.
Some sexual candles can have a warming effect whereas others have a cooling effect. You can try out different candle scents to see which arouses you the most. Some of these candles have been designed to increase blood flow whereas others have been crafted to build your sensitivity.

So how do they work?

Aside from the physical atmosphere, sexual candles can alter our physiology and trigger an emotional and physical response. Some scents like jasmine increase arousal for both men and women whereas lavender promotes relaxation and relieves stress and helps you unwind which can be perfect in intimate settings.
The type of wax that is used also makes a difference. Soy wax burns at a lower temperature so you can create a sensual atmosphere without having to worry about getting burned. Beeswax however burns at a higher temperature which some people prefer.

What are the top five scents?

The most popular scents for sexual candles are:


  1. Jasmine
  2. Vanilla
  3. Ylang-Ylang
  4. Cedarwood
  5. Lavender


Not all candles are the same and you may prefer a candle that is made from natural ingredients. This is because those made from synthetic fragrances can be overpowering which may cause an adverse reaction and have the opposite effect that you want. Candles made from natural ingredients create a more enjoyable atmosphere and ambience.

How do I choose a scent?

To choose a scent it’s best to know what scents get you in the mood but you also need to consider your partner. You can test the waters by experimenting with different perfumes before buying a sexual candle. See how your partner responds to each scent and choose the one that you both enjoy the most.
The size of the candle can also make a difference with smaller candles being ideal when you’re travelling or after a quickie. Longer candles are best when you want to prolong your sex session.

How to use sexual candles in foreplay?

With dimmed lighting the mood will be set. Some sexual candles can also double as massage oils when they have melted which will add another element of sensuality. You could also take a bath together with the candles creating a nice aroma that will help fuel the passion and get you more aroused.
By Libby Shaw


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