I have never met a man who doesn’t enjoy having his cock stroked or given some type of attention. Every man wants to be sucked off or to receive a hand job. But what do you do when you’re single or in the mood but your partner isn’t around? That’s where strokers come in.

They are perfect for masturbation and can simulate the feeling of getting a blow job. The best thing about strokers is they’re perfect for every sized penis so they won’t care if it’s big or small. Every penis is the right size for a stroker.
Ultimately strokers work best when your cock is already hard or on the way to getting hard. Some strokers are referred to as penis sleeves but basically it’s a toy that you insert your penis into.
You don’t have to be single or without a partner to use a stroker. There are many other reasons why my friends use strokers. Some of them use them because they want to experience deeper or bigger pleasure. It’s like how when you first had sex you think that sensation is awesome but then you play around more and realise that there is way more to experience. It’s the same with strokers.
Another of my friends complains that his partner has a lower libido than him so he uses his stroker to create more opportunities for pleasure. He often uses it on his own.
Another of my friends is in a same sex relationship and he and his boyfriend like to mutually masturbate together which they find incredibly hot. Others will use a stroker while their female partner uses a vibrator to get herself off.
I have another friend who struggles to maintain his erection but since he’s been using strokers he’s found that he’s able to maintain erections for longer which has improved his sex life and led to his partner being way more satisfied so he’s actually having more sex now, not less despite what some people say about sex toys.
Strokers can also help you experiment with techniques such as edging which is where you go to the brink of orgasm and then stop. It’s like the moment before a kiss.
There are of course different types of strokers, with some being easy to clean and others being made from unsafe materials.
Silicone is one of the most popular materials for strokers because it is soft, squishy and warm. It’s also light and small. Silicone strokers are very easy to control and sit nicely in the palm of your hand.
Encased strokers have a hard case on the outside and a silicone sleeve on the inside. They are more bulky but they can create a sucking feeling due to the consistent pressure from them.
FTM strokers have a powerful oral sensation and they are fun to use. Some of these are fun to use with a penis pump first because the sensation is enhanced every further.
Strokers are very easy to use. All you have to do is get into the mood and then add some lube and start slowly by putting the stroker around your erect penis and thrust like you would with a person and then experience total pleasure.

By Libby Shaw


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