Just because you can’t show your nipples in public or on social media (unless of course you’re a man, and then different rules apply) doesn’t mean you should ignore your nipples in your sexual activities. Nipples are one of the major erogenous zones, with both men and women enjoying their nipples being licked, sucked, pinched or looked at. Everyone wants to have fun with nipples. They can also be alluring to look at, especially when your partner has hard nipples.
Nipples are very similar to the tip of the penis or the clitoris in that they are extremely sensitive to touch and some people can even orgasm just from having attention paid to their nipples. There are vibrators for the clitoris and cock rings for the cock and the nipples don’t have to miss out either. You can introduce nipple clamps into the bedroom. They are probably one of the most under-rated sex toys in the world yet once you start using them you’ll find it hard to understand why when they can give you the wildest orgasms you’ve ever had.
Nipple clamps are especially popular within the S&M world and conjure up pictures of a dominatrix in a sex swing with nipple clamps to whip him into submission. Eventually pain can be very hot and pleasurable, but S&M isn’t the sole purpose of a nipple clamp. Just the sight of nipple clamps can be alluring, with some even describing them as works of art.
If you’ve never played with nipple clamps before you’d be amazed how easy they are to get into and there are so many different styles. Some can be adjusted, which means you just move a small clip up the clamp to make them tighter or slide it down to make the clamp even looser. Others just use a clothespin.
Putting a nipple clamp on is just half the fun but it’s when you take them off that the sensation really intensifies. When you have the clamp on the blood flow is restricted and then when it’s released you’ll feel a rush of endorphins and pain.
It’s hard to know where nipple clamps originated but they look quite similar to sewing clamps that were used ages ago in Japan. It’s said that the Japanese took their sewing clamps and then decided to use them for pleasure, much like we do with objects we find around the home (though really you should’t use anything other than sex toys for pleasure as you could wind up with an awkward visit to the emergency department and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone).
Pain isn’t for everyone though and nipple clamps aren’t just used for pain. They can also be used to place pressure on the nipple and then you can create an ongoing sensation of pressure that intensifies with time and then becomes pleasurable. As many people have discovered, the more you play around with them, the more you’ll figure out what sensations you find pleasurable.
Despite nipple clamps not being the most popular sex toy, as people become more experimental with their sex lives they are even more open to using nipple clamps so give them a try. We did and we loved every moment of it.
By Libby Shaw


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