8" Remote Control Dong (Flesh)

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Get ready for explosive orgasms that build from the inside and fire outwards with the TITUS Wireless Vibrating Dildo.

This INTENSELY powerful vibrating anal sex toy is the best vibrator that you'll ever use. Simply suction it to your smooth, dry surface of choice and ride it to your hearts content. 
Take advantage of the modern remote control to explore it's 10 (yes, TEN) powerful and dynamic anal vibration settings. 

Vibration settings:
Vibrate (high), Vibrate (medium), Vibrate (low), Gradient burst, Intermittent, Surge, Inta-Surge, Even step, Rollercoaster Spurt and Pulsate.

Use this amazing sex toy with water-based lube or hybrid. Don't use with silicone as it may damage it's silicone material.

- Strong sucton cup base
- TEN dynamic rhythm settings 
- Easily controlled by remote control
- Comes with detailed instruction manual

Circumference at thickest point - 5.2 inches
Insertable length - 7.2inches
Full length: 8 inches