Apollo Trainer Kit

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Looking to pump up your training routine? Then the ApolloT Trainer Kit is just what you need.

Our durable cylinder with universal measurements will fit any size man. And the kit's safe, smooth silicone sleeve adds superior suction seal and ribbed textures for added sensations.

The easy squeeze bulb with quick air release valve makes your experience as simple as it is gratifying. And, included in the kit: a body-safe silicone enhancer ring with an innovative design to slip easily from the pump cylinder onto your erect penis.

Designed to offer a smooth transition from pumping session to erection sustainment, this high-quality trainer kit pairs two erection-enchantment staples

The sleek styling of the pump is not just attractive; it makes pumping a breeze.

The cylinder surrounds you, while your skin is cushioned with the soft silicone donut.

Simply squeeze the bulbto initiate suction, and when you get what you need, just press the quick release valve and interior pressure dissolves.

Slipping on the enhancer ring maintains firmness.

Comfortable and secure, you'll enjoy usingthis kit.

It's as safe as it is satisfying, with ring and sleeve both pure silicone, the cylinder crafter of SAN, and the hose ,e is of phthalate-free PVC, the release valve crafted from ABS. So get ready to stay harder, stronger, longer.

This pump kit has what you need to get what you want. - 20.25 cm x 5 cm - ''Pump up your training routine!'' -American Pumpers Association 

Durable cylinder with universal measurements 

Silicone sleeve adds superior suction seal and ribbed textures for added sensations 

Easy squeeze bulb with quick air release valve

Body safe Silicone enhancer ring included

Silicone (ring, sleeve) SAN (cylinder) Phthalate-Free PVC (hose) ABS (release valve) Rubber (bulb)