So your children are quick to tell you that their parents are prehistoric, but for the over 50s couples that love their kids, have also been anticipating the time to become empty nesters. These children may have flown the coop but do they know what the dinosaurs will be getting up to?

It’s time to put into practice what Mum’s and Dad’s have talked about for years - Let’s get Rude!

The family life may have been restrictive but it is now time to find out which alternate lifestyle suits you? Explore, sample and get involved! It’s all out there and the internet has made it so much easier.

The earliest movement may have been nudism. Having been practiced since the early 1900s this maybe a wholesome family affair, but it means getting your gear off in public. A stepping - stone perhaps to gain confidence of being naked amongst others, remembering no Hanky Panky.

Does the thought of BDSM whip you into a frenzy?   

This is serious stuff! Investigate before you delve into the ‘pleasure and pain’ principle.

Lady folk can be taken in by the look of BDSM. Corsets, leather and fishnets are enticing but maybe leave it at that. Those who were frightened to discover that ’50 Shades of Grey’ was more than a love story ran screaming. Ease into it as there happens to be different levels of the lifestyle, it might be the Kink or Rope Play that might suit you or perhaps something less intense.

There are regular Meet ‘n’ Greets called ‘Munches’ that would be the ideal way to chat to people, like yourselves who might like to try before they buy. Guess what? BDSM doesn’t involve sex! Rest assured ‘Naughty by Nature’ stock a wide a range of Bondage must haves, if you think this might be for you.

Swing might be your thing!

Couples are more than welcome to attend Swingers parties to keep gender balanced, but singles are never discouraged from joining in.

Again the newbies are looked after with Meet ‘n’ Greets to get acquainted and the ground rules will be explained. A popular misconception that a Swingers party involves carefully manoeuvring over a sea of writhing bodies. Not so, it’s a party like any other.

There are separate areas where you can have a chat, drink, eat and get to know others. Only that the conversation could be a little lurid and the ladies could be wearing skimpy sexy outfits. If you want to look and feel the part then Naughty by Nature has the outfit for you. The play areas are very separate so everyone is catered for. No one has a gun to your head to say you have to play! Ladies if you are pestered by someone for some ‘let’s get it on’ then NO means NO.

Mature couples are generally welcome and respected. There is no pressure to participate as where Wife-Swapping, as it was known in days gone by, meant coupling up was the luck of the draw.

In essence it is your time to let loose and have fun. There is a whole debaucherous world out there!


By Write@You .


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