Toy Cleaner

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Natural Pleasure Toy Cleaner - 150 ml Bottle

Toy Cleaner: A quick and effective spray for cleaning erotic toys. Application: Spray directly onto the surface of the product to be cleaned. Rinse with water or use a damp...

Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (1 Litre)

Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (1 Litre) Sanitizer no rinse formula Contains  Ethanol IMS 95-100%  Product use: Food grade sanitizer for use in kitchen and food processing areas. It is an excellent...

Wet Stuff Toy Cleaner 235g

A cleaning liquid to spray onto your toys from Australia's leading manufacturers of hard surface sanitisation. Clean is a broad spectrum sanitiser that is an effective antimicrobial agent against bacteria and...

Pharmquests Toy Cleaner - Lemon Scented Toy Cleaner - 100 ml

Toy cleaner: An immediate and effective spray to clean erotic toys. Application: Spray directly on the surface of the toy that needs to be cleaned. Rub it in and wipe...

Desire Toy and Body Cleaner 4 oz

Clean is healthy! Desire’s Toy & Body Cleaner is designed for intimate hygienic cleaning.Delicate and effective on both your skin and pleasure products that come in contact with intimate areas....